Rough Terrain Forklift Training

Kristi Pronovost

This training is designed to fulfill the “classroom” training and skills assessment requirements that OSHA expects of all forklift operators.

10-Hour OSHA

Kristi Pronovost

October 10 & 11 / 7:30 am – 4:30 pm each day. This course serves as the benchmark for introductory jobsite safety and OSHA compliance education.

30-Hour OSHA

Kristi Pronovost

SOLD OUT! Please contact Kevin at the Chapter office for the next offering schedule details.

The Impacts of a Work Injury

Kristi Pronovost The Merit Shop Spokesman Blog

By: Kevin B. Keith, Director of Safety Services, ABC Keystone Those of you that have been readers of these posts will know that the focus has been on preventing workplace injuries through proactive approaches to safety, having management’s involvement in creating a safety culture, and taking a team approach in …