Developing a Social Media Marketing Plan

Strategically Attract New Clients and Talent! Take a walk through a Social Platform Marketing Strategy, including details about audience building, tailoring content to specific audiences and reaching potential new customers and employees.

No-cost Spotlight Seminar sponsored by Barley Snyder: Managing & Protecting Your Online Reputation

No-cost Spotlight Seminar sponsored by Barley Snyder: It only takes one nasty online review to erase years of hard work, dedication and exemplary customer service. With the internet as the top way to search for a business and its abilities, every business in every industry needs to closely monitor its online reputation. This presentation addresses the different ways companies can keep an eye on what is being said online about them, how to handle negative reviews and how to foster a welcoming online culture. Also, this presentation will address various legal remedies a company can consider to protect its reputation.