No-cost Spotlight Seminar sponsored by Barley Snyder: Managing & Protecting Your Online Reputation

No-cost Spotlight Seminar sponsored by Barley Snyder: It only takes one nasty online review to erase years of hard work, dedication and exemplary customer service. With the internet as the top way to search for a business and its abilities, every business in every industry needs to closely monitor its online reputation. This presentation addresses the different ways companies can keep an eye on what is being said online about them, how to handle negative reviews and how to foster a welcoming online culture. Also, this presentation will address various legal remedies a company can consider to protect its reputation.

No-cost Spotlight Seminar sponsored by True Edge Performance Solutions, LLC: Building Strong Customer Relationships as Part of Your Core Business Strategy

No-cost Spotlight Seminar sponsored by True Edge Performance Solutions, LLC: We all know that delivering on promises, exceeding expectations, and your ability to build relationships with customers will determine the success of your business. As important as this is, it doesn’t just happen on its own. Strong customer relationships require intentional effort and strategy. This session will help you incorporate building strong customer relationships as part of your core business strategy.

No Cost Spotlight Seminar Sponsored by Contractors Plan: Increasing Profits on Prevailing Wage Projects

Spotlight Seminar – Sponsored by Contractors Plan: Merit shop contractors have many challenges including skilled worker shortages, compliance and regulatory burdens and competitive industry pressures. How can a retirement plan help solve some of these challenges? Whether you are a smaller contractor considering offering a new program or looking for ways to benchmark the effectiveness of your current retirement plan, this discussion will provide ways to enhance the effectiveness of your efforts and context for your discussions and actions.

Spotlight Seminar! Cyber Risks Don’t Sleep

This free seminar will discuss Cyber Risk Exposures and where they are typically coming from as well as steps to take to help prevent you from going uncovered when a breach happens.

No-cost Spotlight Seminar: Traditional vs. Captive: That is the Insurance Question – Get the Answers!

Spotlight Seminar Presented by: Brown Schultz Sheridan & Fritz with Gunn-Mowery, LLC
In this 90-minute seminar, you will learn about captive insurance companies and how they can benefit you. We will explore alternative forms of insurance and how they compare to traditional insurance products. Whether your company is considering a captive for the first time or you have questions about an existing relationship and want to know more, this seminar should help you answer your questions.