Choose to Be Resilient – A No-Cost Hot Topic Seminar for ABC Keystone Members

If nothing else, the pandemic has increased our awareness of the importance of resilience – for individuals, for families, communities and for business organizations. In the face of stress and change, some leaders and organizations thrive while others falter and even go under. Some individuals seem to gain strength from hardships, while others are undone. So, what makes the difference, and what can we learn from this to enhance the way we live and lead?

Be the Anchor Not the Storm – A NO-COST Hot Topic Seminar for ABC Keystone Members

We have all seen it. Most of us at one time or another have been it. The storm in the distance, rising in fury, out of control. Everyone in our path running for shelter, seeking to avoid becoming a casualty of our storm. Is that how we want to show up at work, or do we want to be an anchor in the storm, the person others can count on to lead the way through the crisis while protecting the things that matter most?