Using Your Retirement Plan to Make Your Bids More Competitive

By: Cory Cuffley, CPA, CRPS®, AIF®, Financial Advisor, Stonebridge Financial Group In today’s world, retirement plans such as 401(k)s are not only commonplace, but are almost a requirement. Whether you are talking about attracting new talent or retaining your current employees, giving people the opportunity to save for their retirement is something most employers need […]

Diversity of Propane

By: Matthew Linder, Fuel Sales Representative, H.B. McClure Company, and ABC Keystone YP Committee Member As a homeowner, you have a tough task. Everyone wants a home of their dreams. That means, in addition to designing an imaginative and practical floor plan, you must choose an energy source that is comfortable and efficient. It also […]

Tax Reform: Chaos or Opportunity?

Tax info collage

By: Daryl Staley, CPA, MBA, Tax Supervisor, Smith Elliott Kearns & Co, LLC The Art of War taught me that “in the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” House Republicans proposed changes to our current tax code, which in the CPA world, feels a bit like chaos.  In hopes of limiting the chaos for […]

Tips for Hiring the Right Personnel


By: Eric Gurnsey, General Manager, Tradesmen International In the short time that I have been in a position of hiring office personnel, I have quickly learned that hiring slow is one of the best practices one can have. Creating and maintaining a prosperous environment will never be an exact science but will get you close […]