The Path Ahead for PA | March 2024

Anyone following Pennsylvania politics or news in recent history has likely felt like the world is losing its grip. Heading into a major election in 2024 has only exacerbated the situation. We have witnessed a number of wild policies that seem more like problems seeking solutions (often creating crises in the process) or plain pandering to labor groups. Unfortunately, these policies have had a harmful effect on merit shops.

In the past month, we have seen even more of this ahead of the Primary Election, most notably with Governor Shapiro announcing that he is directing all state agencies to undertake capital projects under a Project Labor Agreement (PLA). While ABC is mounting a strong response to that announcement, it also highlights a major disconnect in governing, despite this being an election year.

For those keeping score, the governor has signed few bills into law, last year’s budget process was ugly, and this year does not look any better or timelier, with partisanship growing by the day.

Announcing an intent to implement a PLA in this environment, without being more focused on a state budget or the related policy issues that typically facilitate a budget deal, is counterproductive. It may electrify a base of labor supporters and help push that energy further into election cycles, but it is not a solution to the challenges facing Pennsylvania.

The only way to change course is for individuals to take a lead in changing the discourse, both at the ballot box and by engaging with public officials. The message is clear: this is not acceptable, and it needs to change.

As a coalition, all of ABC needs to push back against this status quo by surpassing the energy of Big Labor. We ask you to pay close attention to our communications in the next few weeks as we issue more calls to action on key bills that may move, so you can share your concerns with legislators. Join our campaign against PLAs, participate in legislator meetings both in Washington (ABC’s LegCon in June) and at home with local offices, and watch our list of endorsed candidates for November’s elections.

If you have any questions about how to get involved or what you can do, please contact Jim at