ABC Keystone's Apprenticeship Training Center
Apprenticeship & Craft Training
in Central PA


Choose an alternate education path and gain a gold collar career

You’re thinking about your career choices, and it seems like there’s nothing for you. With tuition prices at record highs and college degrees diminishing in value, you don’t want to take the risk. On the other hand, you know your potential, and you don’t want to settle for a job that requires little skill.

Where do you go from here?

ABC's Keystone's apprenticeship program offers a unique opportunity: an alternative to college that gives you a chance to “earn while you learn,” the potential to graduate debt-free, and a lucrative career waiting for you when you do.

Things aren’t so easy for recent college graduates who are saddled with debt and earning entry-level wages, if they can get a job in their field at all. In contrast, there is a record demand for skilled craftspeople in construction. Employers are expecting shortfalls in the millions for decades to come. This makes training them for hire more important than ever.

Fact: The average college graduate has over $50,000 of student loan debt to repay. A majority of ABC Keystone's apprenticeship students graduate debt-free.

There’s a Place for You Here.

ABC’s Keystone’s Apprenticeship Program offers four-year programs, complete with hands-on instruction and apprenticeships in PA, to train apprentices for construction careers with high wage potential, upward mobility, and the opportunity the build the life they want. It’s the perfect place for you if you’re someone who knows your potential, loves to work hard, enjoys working with your hands, and has career aspirations.

Your Career Is Waiting.

ABC Keystone’s winning combination of in-depth instruction and apprenticeship programs gives you the career training you need to succeed. As an apprentice, you’ll be on the fast track toward career mobility:

  • Earning your Journeyman’s Certificate enhances your earning potential.
  • The formal apprenticeship program is approved under the Office of Apprenticeship and both the Federal and the Pennsylvania Departments of Labor.
  • Get paid as you complete your training—“earn while you learn.”
  • Preparation for career success begins immediately!
  • Our apprenticeship training center is conveniently located in Central PA, making us an excellent alternative to college near Harrisburg, PA and the surrounding areas!

Low Risk. Incredible Opportunity. You’re already employed during your training, with pay increases as your skill set grows. Once you graduate, you’ll have a certification that shows you’re in the top tier of craftspeople in your industry. And once you’re hired, there’s nowhere to go but up—many of our former students are managers, foremen, superintendents and business owners themselves!

Are you a great fit for a lucrative career in construction?

Fact: 20% of the skilled labor workforce will retire in the next six years, requiring new talent to fill their positions.