ABC PA Free Enterprise Day in Harrisburg

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ABC of Pennsylvania Releases Annual Government Affairs Report

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Despite COVID-19, ABC was able to accomplish a great deal on behalf of our members last year. The government affairs team is pleased to provide an inaugural annual report on the legislative and political actions ABC conducted in 2020. Some highlights include:

Message from the Chair: Championing the Merit Shop

A Message from the ABC Keystone Chair of the Board

As I humbly step into the Chair position of the ABC Keystone Board for the year 2021 – or maybe it is better described as ‘sitting’ in the Chair position – I wish we were entering a more predictable future for our industry. Looking around, I still hear the COVID-19 ‘Goliath’ stalking and yelling at us to fear him, attempting to intimidate us by his threats. What we really need is a ‘David’ to slay this enemy and allow us to get back to business! To my great delight, I discovered that, lo and behold, we have not one but two Davids in our arsenal to overcome this adversary! A big thank you to David (Dave) Sload and David Greineder, who have led us through the last nine months by increasing and growing our ABC influence and value, staring down any fear that the ‘big old giant’ is attempting to bring our way! We are incredibly grateful for your work!

The Halfway Point

ABC Keystone Merit Shop Advocacy Blog

Despite the crisis, ABC Pennsylvania’s government affairs program has been active and has made a difference. We strengthened relationships with associations in sharing information, resources, and intelligence. Our grassroots advocacy network has grown by nearly 50 percent. We topped 1,100 calls and emails into the Governor and Legislature on issues of concern.

ABC Keystone Lancaster Regional Construction Wake-up Call Event

No cost to attend! Winter 2020 Topic: “ABC PA Advocacy in Action” – Hear how Pennsylvania will play a crucial role in the 2020 elections; Find out how ABC PA is making waves in Harrisburg and how you can help; Discover how you can directly impact public policy

Politics Never Rests

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By: Douglas M. Dvorchak, Murray, 2019 Chair of the Board – ABC Keystone Politics has never been more divisive. It seems that finding any common ground is difficult in Harrisburg […]

ABC Free Enterprise Day in Harrisburg

Get to know Pennsylvania’s elected officials and policy makers. All ABC chapters in Pennsylvania will be participating! Featuring a Republican Gubernatorial Forum with all four Republican candidates.