Laws of Leadership

Kelly Moore

Part of the Leadership Development Series. Leadership is a Learned Skill that Requires Practice – You can learn about effective leadership skills and practices… but being able to implement them yourself may require an altogether different set of skills and attitudes.

Positive Assertiveness

Kristi Pronovost

Part of the Professional Development Series | Successful Interactions Result in Win-Win Outcomes. Gain valuable tools for developing your positive assertiveness resulting in win-win outcomes in negotiation, conflict resolution and normal day-to-day business dealings. It’s OK to be assertive. In fact, positive assertiveness will help you create and maintain honest, healthy working relationships.

Conducting Investigations, Disciplining, and Terminating Employees

Kristi Pronovost

Part of the Human Resources Management Academy. Determine appropriate action in a difficult situation. Learn more about conducting a professional internal employee conduct investigation, effective disciplinary action and termination processes, steps in a progressive disciplinary action process, typical disciplinary action steps for a variety of infractions, key issues to consider to ensure fair investigation outcomes, and maximizing legal compliance and minimizing legal risks.

Project Planning & Execution

Kristi Pronovost

Part of the Understanding the Construction Process Series | This session will be focused on the construction phase and is intended to provide an overview of construction planning and execution of project activities to effectively and efficiently address the objective of delivering quality work, while managing cost and schedule.

Quality Customer Service

Kristi Pronovost

Part of the Professional Development Series | Keys to Attract and Retain Customers. Gain insight into your Customer Service Culture, what leads to dissatisfaction & the processes you can implement to grow solid, lasting relationships within the industry.


Kristi Pronovost

April 15, 21, 28 & May 5, 2020 / 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm | Generating Revenue and Developing Long-Term Clients. Challenge yourself and join us at ABC Keystone for “Sales Works” – four interactive sessions that will improve your Sales Performance while focusing on ways to maximize your impact on your customers. It’s all about “Focus and awareness” in using the best “tools” in delivering your service or product in a way that fulfills the needs, wants, and values of your customer…. BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE!