Coaching v. Annual Reviews

Have performance appraisals become extinct? No one seems to like doing performance reviews, and there’s little pointing to their actual effectiveness. Learn how to effectively use coaching as a measurable tool for team member development.

Managing Change

Part of the Professional Development Series | Smooth and Successful Change Management Yields Lasting Results. Change must be realistic, achievable and measurable. Learn aspects relevant to managing personal and organizational change for positive outcomes.

Accountability for Results

Part of the Professional Development Series | Accountability Building for Successful Teams. Student focused learning with group skill practices, role playing, and coaching that completely immerse students into active learning! Master the skills needed to address personal and work accountability successfully.

Employee Relations and Engagement

Part of the Human Resources Management Academy. Cultivate an environment of employee engagement and reap the rewards: Team workers will be more productive, customers will be happier, and your business will be more profitable! HR has an important role in employee relations; understand the impact, elements of engagement, how to measure, and practical strategies to retain key employees and improve overall retention rates!

Project Compliance & Outside Organizations

Part of the Understanding the Construction Process Series | This training program is intended to provide you with tools to improve your company’s safety program and better understand labor laws and private and public work acquisition.

Laws of Leadership

Part of the Leadership Development Series. Leadership is a Learned Skill that Requires Practice – You can learn about effective leadership skills and practices… but being able to implement them yourself may require an altogether different set of skills and attitudes.

Positive Assertiveness

Part of the Professional Development Series | Successful Interactions Result in Win-Win Outcomes. Gain valuable tools for developing your positive assertiveness resulting in win-win outcomes in negotiation, conflict resolution and normal day-to-day business dealings. It’s OK to be assertive. In fact, positive assertiveness will help you create and maintain honest, healthy working relationships.

NO-COST VIRTUAL TRAINING: Crew Leadership for Effective Teams

April 15, 22, 29, May 6, 13, 20, 27, & June 3, 2020 | NO-COST VIRTUAL TRAINING: Equip your future “Face of the Field” with the critical skills needed to successfully communicate with and lead a crew of craftspeople! Note: You may be eligible for NCCER credentials upon completion.

NO-COST VIRTUAL TRAINING: Successful Leadership in Times of Crisis & Rapid Change

NO-COST VIRTUAL TRAINING: Successful Leadership in Times of Crisis & Rapid Change | Join leaders in the construction field for a discussion on best practices for successful leadership during challenging times. Find out a few of the most important areas for you to focus on RIGHT NOW. Find out what you should you be doing right now for yourself, your team, and your organization; Learn how to build your pyramid of support for your team and your organization; Discover how to communicate with your team when you don’t always have clarity of direction; Explore what you can do to maintain team engagement and support.