Virtual Training: Submitting Certified Payroll – A No-cost Seminar Presented by Beneco

A No-cost Seminar Presented by Beneco! Protect Your Company and Avoid Mistakes! Avoid common mistakes in the reporting process and streamline your processes for easier payroll & reporting. Contractors face unique payroll challenges that traditional payroll companies are often not equipped to handle. Join Beneco and ABC Keystone for a seminar where you will learn the ins and outs of certified payroll and how you can protect yourself and your growing company.

Employee Relations and Engagement – Part of the Human Resources Management Academy

Part of the Human Resources Management Academy | Cultivate an environment of employee engagement and reap the rewards: Team workers will be more productive, customers will be happier, and your business will be more profitable! HR has an important role in employee relations; understand the impact, elements of engagement, how to measure, and practical strategies to retain key employees and improve overall retention rates!

Conducting Investigations, Disciplining, and Terminating Employees – Part of the Human Resources Management Academy

Part of the Human Resources Management Academy | Determine appropriate action in a difficult situation. Learn more about conducting a professional internal employee conduct investigation, effective disciplinary action and termination processes, steps in a progressive disciplinary action process, typical disciplinary action steps for a variety of infractions, key issues to consider to ensure fair investigation outcomes, and maximizing legal compliance and minimizing legal risks.

Employment Assessments – Part of the Human Resources Management Academy

Part of the Human Resources Management Academy | Maximize the opportunity to get to know your candidates! Learn more about incorporating assessments into the hiring process, a little background and science, the variety of tests available, effectiveness and legalities, additional use beyond hiring: employee development, team building, and technical skill assessment. Review of individual participant assessment and predicting performance to make the right hire.

Behavioral-based Interviewing

Part of the Human Resources Management Academy. Determine a candidate’s potential for success! Gain tools for establishing critical competencies for positions, developing your own “STAR” interview questions that target critical competencies, interviewing for organizational cultural fit and values, and hands-on interviewing activities followed by coaching to refine your interviewing skills!

ABC Keystone’s Human Resources Contractor Peer Group

Exclusively for HR Professionals in ABC Keystone Contracting Firms. Get together with fellow HR professionals to share experiences and help one another improve personal and company performance in an encouraging environment.

Effective Recruiting & Hiring

Part of the Human Resources Management Academy. Help your organization succeed and grow using effective recruiting strategies and sources! Create an attractive employment brand and advertisements; establish an effective hiring process, looking from within, understand legalities during interviewing, and develop resources for handling difficult hiring topics. Learn how to face the challenge for top talent while the qualified candidate pools are shrinking!

Job Descriptions, HR Recordkeeping and Reporting

Part of the Human Resources Management Academy. Key Areas of Focus in HR Evaluation Audits. Discover the importance of key HR processes: Clearing the confusion and keeping in compliance! Discover why job descriptions are important and how to effectively write descriptions used in the hiring process; key records employers must create and retain; reporting requirements; setting up personnel files and HR records’ retention schedule; EEO and affirmative action plans; conducting an HR compliance and effectiveness audit and understanding of the key areas HR auditors evaluate.

Employment Laws, Compliance, and Minimizing Risk – Part of the Human Resource Management Academy

Part of the Human Resources Management Academy – Understand Specific HR Laws and their Potential Impacts. Get up to speed on the legal aspects of HR legal and compliance issues. Understand the laws affecting employment, their impact, and why are they important to the company: Discrimination/ harassment: Recognition and prevention strategies; Federal & State: Agencies and Enforcement; Job Classification: Exempt/Non-exempt, Wage/Hour violations, FLSA; Union/Non-Union: concepts and avoidance strategies; Employee Handbook: Key policies. Apply knowledge gained in this session through case studies of employment legal decisions.

Introduction to the Human Resources Management Academy

Part of the Human Resources Management Academy – Human Resources Strategic, Operational, and Administrative Roles – Get a superb foundation of what is expected by and for the HR Administrator. Review on the specialized information and skills training on the key issues, basic laws, and best practices necessary for companies to compete for the labor needed to drive their businesses successfully. Targeted in-depth training because when it comes to HR. You can’t afford to get it wrong!