FULL STEAM AHEAD | February 2024

2024 is already steamrolling along and there continues to be many challenges to our businesses that we need to be prepared for. Let’s tackle some of them and discuss how ABC Keystone is here and helping our members fight to protect our businesses and the merit shop, free enterprise principles that we all embrace.

The elephant in the room is the pending presidential election, and yes, we said it again and will keep mentioning it since it is probably one of the most significant elections of our time! ABC National and Keystone are here to help us understand what is at stake and what to stay focused on to achieve our best outcomes. Here are a few ways Keystone and National are helping:

Keystone is setting aggressive fundraising goals for PAC and Free Enterprise Alliance that exceed 2023 goals (which were met) to provide the flow of money where it needs to go in the best interest of our members. It is critical that we achieve and or exceed our fundraising goals in 2024!

It’s just as critical to know what the issues are and be able to communicate them, so informed decisions can be made on matters that effect our constituents. Our Government Affairs Director and Committee are identifying strategic Local, State, and National political races, so our members are well informed. They are identifying key issues (i.e., ominous political bills) that will negatively impact merit shop contractors – there are far too many of them…let’s pay attention!

Please consider downloading ABC’s Action App which provides immediate alerts and well written documents to send to our representatives right at our fingertips. It’s easy to use! If you want more information on our political issues or our fundraising goals, please reach out to Jim Willshier, our Director of Government Affairs. I encourage you to get involved so together we can make a difference.