Conducting Investigations, Disciplining, and Terminating Employees – Part of the Human Resources Management Academy

Deal with Tough Issues Legally & Effectively | Determine appropriate action in a difficult situation. Learn more about conducting a professional internal employee conduct investigation, effective disciplinary actions and termination processes, steps in a progressive disciplinary action process, typical disciplinary action steps for a variety of infractions, key issues to consider to ensure fair investigation outcomes, and maximizing legal compliance and minimizing legal risks.

Behavioral-based Interviewing – Part of the Human Resources Management Academy

Hiring the Right Fit for the Position & Culture | Determine a candidate’s potential for success! Develop your own “STAR” interview questions that target critical competencies. Learn interviewing techniques for organizational cultural fit and values, and gain hands-on interviewing activities followed by coaching to refine your interviewing skills!

Effective Recruiting & Hiring – Part of the Human Resources Management Academy

Brand Your Company to Attract the Right Talent | Help your organization succeed and grow using effective recruiting strategies and sources. Create an attractive employment brand and advertisements; establish an effective hiring process, looking from within; understand legalities during interviewing;, and develop resources for handling difficult hiring topics. Learn how to face the challenge for top talent while the qualified candidate pools are shrinking.