Field Leaders Peer Group

Kristi Pronovost

Exclusively for Field Leaders in ABC Keystone Contracting Firms | Get together with fellow field leaders to share experiences and help one another improve personal and company performance in an encouraging environment.

Safety, Security, Health, and Leaves of Absence Management

Kristi Pronovost

Part of the Human Resources Management Academy. Learn more about: addressing the challenges and mechanics of managing various leaves of absences; OSHA overview; how to set up and run a safety committee; drug testing; workplace violence; health issues facing HR including managing ADA, fitness for duty exams, and exposure to serious health risks to organizations; and ways to effectively manage workers’ compensation: processes, recordkeeping and reporting.

Pay, Benefits, and Other Rewards

Kristi Pronovost

Part of the Human Resources Management Academy. Create a total rewards package – the “win/win relationship.” Discover how to set up a compensation structure; key steps in job evaluation; variable pay plans and options, developing and executing benefit strategies; the value and method of benchmarking benefit plans; elements of cafeteria benefit plans; and learn all about other creative rewards that can engage and retain the workforce!

Employee Relations and Engagement

Kristi Pronovost

Part of the Human Resources Management Academy. Cultivate an environment of employee engagement and reap the rewards: Team workers will be more productive, customers will be happier, and your business will be more profitable! HR has an important role in employee relations; understand the impact, elements of engagement, how to measure, and practical strategies to retain key employees and improve overall retention rates!

Laws of Leadership

Kelly Moore

Part of the Leadership Development Series. Leadership is a Learned Skill that Requires Practice – You can learn about effective leadership skills and practices… but being able to implement them yourself may require an altogether different set of skills and attitudes.

Conducting Investigations, Disciplining, and Terminating Employees

Kristi Pronovost

Part of the Human Resources Management Academy. Determine appropriate action in a difficult situation. Learn more about conducting a professional internal employee conduct investigation, effective disciplinary action and termination processes, steps in a progressive disciplinary action process, typical disciplinary action steps for a variety of infractions, key issues to consider to ensure fair investigation outcomes, and maximizing legal compliance and minimizing legal risks.