P-A Connection Pre-apprenticeship

Preparing Students for Apprenticeship

Pre-apprenticeship at ABC Keystone

P-A Connection is a Pennsylvania-registered construction pre-apprenticeship program providing a direct path to registered apprenticeship at ABC Keystone. P-A Connection prepares students with foundational knowledge applicable to any one of the registered apprenticeship trades available through ABC Keystone. Classes take place at ABC Keystone’s training facility in Manheim, PA. Program graduates receive credit towards registered apprenticeship, along with an OSHA-10 card and a certificate of completion.

Hear from recent graduates of the program:

“I am thankful that I went through the ABC Pre-apprenticeship Program, and I learned so many different things. Thank you to the ABC instructors because they really helped me, and they explained everything in detail.” – Kapil

“The safety practices were a huge benefit – specifically the OSHA 10 class. I was able to promote change in my workplace after taking that class.” – Christopher

“The program gave me new options for what I want to do with my life.” – Alex

“Even though I have years of experience in construction, there were things I’ve learned through the pre-apprenticeship program, reminding me that there are always new things to learn. It also helped me learn more about the ABC apprenticeship program, and helped me to start applying for a full apprenticeship.” – Michael

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ABC Keystone's Articulation Agreements

ABC Keystone is dedicating significant resources and effort to develop partnerships with area K-12 schools and career and technical centers, as well as community-based organizations, that will result in articulation agreements between the organizations and credit for students entering registered apprenticeship. An articulation agreement is an officially approved agreement that matches coursework between schools.

Articulation is mutually beneficial. Schools can provide a pathway for students that aren’t interested in college or wish to join the workforce upon graduation. Students are more employable and get credit towards registered apprenticeship, while ABC Keystone employer members have a larger pool of trades candidates to fill open positions and pay less in tuition for those students coming from a partnering school.

P-A Connection Partners

ABC Keystone currently has articulation agreements in place with the following entities:

2023 P-A Connection
Pre-Apprenticeship/Safety 360 – Class Schedule


Introduction to Blueprints
Introduction to Construction Math
Hand Tools
Power Tools
Materials Handling
Rough Terrain Forklift
Rigging Theory
Rigging Theory Lab

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