Laws of Leadership

Kelly Moore

Part of the Leadership Development Series. Leadership is a Learned Skill that Requires Practice – You can learn about effective leadership skills and practices… but being able to implement them yourself may require an altogether different set of skills and attitudes.

Presentations – Removing the Fear

Kelly Moore

Part of the Leadership Development Series. Hands-on opportunity to learn and receive immediate feedback on the fine art of presenting! You’ll walk away better prepared to address future audiences by using a “toolkit” of tips to establish rapport, develop compelling content, control pre-stage jitters, and manage last-minute glitches. Prepare yourself for that public speaking debut.

Project Management & Leadership

Kristi Pronovost

February 19, 26, March 4, 11, 18, 25 & April 1, 2020 | Be the Project Manager that other companies want to work with by improving your management style. This comprehensive, 7-week course will yield immediate and lasting results in new efficiencies, effectiveness and communications in all aspects of the project from pre-bid presentations through the final payment. This course is perfect for those in their first five years of Project Management, transitioning from the field, current Project Coordinators or those looking to grow into this role in their companies.

Leadership vs. Management

Kelly Moore

Part of the Leadership Development Series. Characteristics of Great Leaders and Developing Talent. Learn the differences between leadership and management. Learn how to recognize and develop your next leaders.