Project Management & Leadership

Kelly Moore

September 11, 18, 25, October 2, 9, 16 & 23, 2019 | Be the Project Manager that the company’s employees want to work with by simplifying your management style. Without effective project management, the best intentions do not guarantee a successful project. A skilled and well-trained project manager using the correct resources at the correct time will put your future projects on the path to achieving better results. Become able to identify and coordinate priority project tasks to better allow FLOW within your projects. These seven interactive training sessions are presented with clear success criteria to help PM’s manage the job from award of the contract to receipt of the final payment! Benefit from a larger scope of understanding of the construction process.

Developing Your Skilled Labor & Leaders: Growing Your Own!

Kristi Pronovost

The impact of skilled labor shortages has continued to plague businesses. In this season of low unemployment and skilled labor shortage, organizations can benefit greatly from growing their own skilled labor and leaders. Investing in the development of your employees is also a great way to engage and retain your key employees. To be most effective, organizations need to be intentional about this process, including planning and executing selection and development processes. This course will provide an overview of the theory and mechanics of creating a development strategy for your workforce.

Leadership Development Series – Building a High Trust Team: Who’s Got Your Back?

Kelly Moore

If you’re a leader, and you build vulnerability-based trust, you will attract top-talent. If you are an individual contributor and you help establish vulnerability-based trust on the team, your peers will want to work with you. Without Trust you cannot move forward. Discover how to quickly build trust. How can you create a high trust team? Part of the Leadership Development Series.