National Apprenticeship Week

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November 13-19, 2022, we celebrated National Apprenticeship Week. During NAW, we celebrate the workers of America — the best in the world — and lift up the importance of apprenticeship programs across America.

Off and Running…Apprenticeship Classes Begin

Apprenticeship Blog ABC Keystone

ABC Keystone was proud to welcome over 150 new apprentices and company reps to the New Student Orientation on September 7. I shared with the students the value of ABC and the importance of students and companies working together to ensure that all registered apprenticeship requirements are achieved. The two main components of registered apprenticeship are Related Technical Instruction (RTI) – requirement of 144 hours per year/level and submission of On-the-Job-Training Hours (OJT) of 2,000 hours per year. It is exciting to welcome new apprentices and several new companies to apprenticeship for the 2022-2023 school year.

Message from the President-CEO: <br>Safety First…Why STEP?


We hear all the time from those outside our industry that we are not safe, yet we hear our members say they take “Safety First” seriously. Which is it? It’s probably a little bit of both. Statistically, over the last several decades our industry has continued to get safer. However, we can do better to reduce jobsite injuries and fatalities.

National Safety Month<br> Take the First STEP on Your Safety Journey

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ABC and its member companies work daily to build a construction workforce that is diverse, safe, skilled and productive. A foundational pillar of ABC’s very existence is safety. A culture of both physical and mental health and safety cannot exist without leadership taking a stand that includes an unwillingness to compromise safety and modeling this belief in their every action. Challenging and transforming the status quo to create a belief that all incidents are preventable creates a culture where safety is considered a moral obligation not just for leadership, but for all employees.

Message from the Chair: STEP – Begin the Journey to World Class Safety

A Message from the ABC Keystone Chair of the Board

It’s that time of year again. Almost as exciting as the holidays. It’s STEP season. Okay, I can hear the groans and the eye rolls, and it reminds me of my wife or our girls as they respond to one of my comments. But it truly is an exciting time for ABC with the approaching STEP application deadline of July 1 for recognition at the Safety Recognition Breakfast on August 16. STEP is an extremely important time for us, and the data that is collected helps us to accomplish two of our missions: protecting employee total human health and advocating for your businesses.

OSHA’s New National Emphasis Program for Heat Stress

ABC Keystone Safety Blog

OSHA has released a new emphasis program designed to protect workers from heat related illnesses. This is the first time that OSHA has put together a tool to protect workers, whether they are indoors or outdoors, from an environmental exposure to heat. The effects of working in higher temperatures has been studied for several years, and it was evident that some sort of protections would be implemented for this type of exposure.

Top Ten Reasons to Train Your Employees

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ABC Keystone provides training for you and your team! Visit our calendar page to discover the latest career development education and safety training programs from the Keystone Chapter and discover the top 10 reasons to train your employees!

Classes Continue Full Speed Ahead!


Here at ABC, apprenticeship training is in full swing! Classes started last September, and the Shop/Training Lab at the Chapter facility has been busy with hands-on training during all our trade classes. While it is important that apprentices learn the theory of their trade and the “how’s and why’s,” it has been our main goal–while expanding our building and hiring full-time instructors–to increase hands-on education opportunities in every apprenticeship class. I would encourage you to check out our training facility if you are in the building and see first-hand what our classes have been learning.

Another Successful Start to Apprenticeship Classes

Fall is a great time of the year! Not only does the fall bring crisp, cool weather, but the season also begins a new school year. ABC Keystone is excited that another year of apprenticeship classes has begun, and this year, we are educating 350 apprentices. The addition of four full-time apprenticeship instructors allows us to continue to enhance the quality of training for our apprentices and for their companies.

Safety Update: Company Safety Policies and the Importance of Adherence

ABC Keystone Safety Blog

Safety professionals understand the importance of having effective written safety plans. An effective written plan helps alleviate any misunderstandings regarding the expectations necessary to protect employees performing work tasks. Unfortunately, all too often, a written plan is created, but adherence to the plan falters. There is nothing more damaging to a company than non-compliance with company policies. Non-compliance quickly creates an environment that devolves into a “us against them” way of thinking. Cliques begin to form. Morale can erode, and inconsistencies form that open companies up to liability issues.

Local Contractors Recognized for Outstanding Safety Performance

(MANHEIM, Pa.) The Keystone Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) announced the recipients of its 2020 Safety Training & Evaluation Process (STEP) Awards and recognized its 2020 OSHA Partners on Tuesday, September 15, in celebration of National Safety Week.