Positive Assertiveness – Part of the Professional Development Series

Part of the Professional Development Series | Successful Interactions Result in Win-Win Outcomes. Gain valuable tools for developing your positive assertiveness resulting in win-win outcomes in negotiation, conflict resolution and normal day-to-day business dealings. It’s OK to be assertive. In fact, positive assertiveness will help you create and maintain honest, healthy working relationships.

Managing Change – Part of the Professional Development Series

Part of the Professional Development Series | Smooth and Successful Change Management Yields Lasting Results. Change must be realistic, achievable and measurable. Learn aspects relevant to managing personal and organizational change for positive outcomes.

Accountability for Results – Part of the Professional Development Series

Part of the Professional Development Series | Accountability Building for Successful Teams. Student focused learning with group skill practices, role playing, and coaching that completely immerse students into active learning! Master the skills needed to address personal and work accountability successfully.

The Professional Development Series

March 5, 2020 – September 2020 | Seven engaging, interactive sessions provide the specialized knowledge, skills and experience necessary to effectively thrive in today’s marketplace. Develop into a professional with the agility to adapt in all circumstances positively for the best possible outcomes.  

Effective Leadership in Times of Crisis

Leadership Development at ABC Keystone

BY: JEFF WITMER , OWNER , PATHWAY  BUSINESS ADVISORS “The true test of Leadership is how well you function in a crisis.”- Brian Tracy   Being in leadership during “normal” times can be challenging, at best. In this time of crisis, focus on self-leadership. It’s perfectly normal to question your own ability to handle the […]

NO-COST VIRTUAL TRAINING: Don’t Let the Times Stall Your Sales, Business & Life

This webinar is now full. | NO-COST VIRTUAL TRAINING: The times may be tough right now, but you can determine whether you stall or succeed professionally and personally. Challenging times spur innovation, and now is the time to take proactive steps to add innovative value to your business and your life. Discover how to develop a proactive mindset to set you on the path to successful strategies for growing your sales.

The Upgrade – Finding Life Lessons Through Entertainment

BY: BRITTANIE LEWIS , SAFETY & RISK COORDINATOR, WOHLSEN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Do you want to live your life on your terms? Do you want to improve focus and stop procrastinating? I have no doubt that you have read at least one of these questions across a multitude of mediums boasting tips and suggestions to make […]