FULL STEAM AHEAD | February 2024

2024 is already steamrolling along and there continues to be many challenges to our businesses that we need to be prepared for. Let’s tackle some of them and discuss how ABC Keystone is here and helping our members fight to protect our businesses and the merit shop, free enterprise principles that we all embrace.

Making 2024 Count | December 2023

Much of this past year has been filled with frustration in seeing the decisions made by our state and federal public officials. That has been fatiguing. The new year provides several opportunities to send a message to all. Maybe you’re reading this and are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore … so read on for what you can do about it.

A YEAR IN REVIEW | December 2023

As we approach the end of 2023, I want to reflect on the accomplishments of the Keystone Chapter over the past 12 months. For the third year in a row, membership retention was over 90%, ending the year at 90.4%. As of November 27th, we were only three members shy of growth-plus-one in membership.

Apprentice Spotlight | Quinn Swearingen

What made you choose the trade you are learning?
I chose to get into carpentry to continue the trade that has been passed down through generations! From my grandfather to my uncle, carpentry, woodworking, and construction have always been long-lasting careers. So why not follow in their footsteps and learn a trade that will last for life?

Apprentice Spotlight | Jacob Dusinberre

What made you choose the trade you are learning?
I started in general construction with Lobar Associates. I was with them for 5 years until 2011 when I thought more of the trades. It was actually my father who told me I should look into it.

Apprentice Spotlight | Emma Moore

What made you choose the trade you are learning?
I enjoy seeing the way buildings and homes are put together and seeing all the planning, materials, and work really goes into constructing the world we live in.


At the Keystone Chapter, we prepare for a new year as we enter the last quarter of each year. We prepare certain standard things such as our budget, preparing for a new incoming Chair of the Board, and getting all our event and committee dates set. 2024 will be slightly different. In addition to the standard prep, we will get ready for a milestone year. 2024 will be Keystone’s 65th anniversary.


September is Suicide Prevention month. It’s a topic that we all generally avoid due to the uncomfortable nature of the matter. But suicide is a real threat to our industry and therefore deserves its time in the spotlight.
According to statistics released by the CDC, construction ranks amongst the top for all industries as it relates to suicide. It’s a staggering number that is 4 times higher than the suicide rate of the general population; 45 suicides per 100,000 workers annually; 15 suicides per day. The annual number of construction industry suicides exceeds the work-related deaths fivefold. This is truly a crisis in our industry that we need to STAND UP and address.

Advocacy Update | September 2023

It may be hard to believe, but we are in fall right now. Summer vacations are ending as we get ready for back-to-school nights and football season. This will be true for our chapter too as our classrooms begin to fill up with apprentices again soon. In a way, fall resets a clock for the coming year.