Types of Claims that May Arise from Construction Project Losses Related to COVID-19

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Since March, all contractors and subcontractors have been addressing the impact of COVID-19 on the industry. Contractors/subcontractors have prepared COVID-19 protocols, revised their employment practices to address the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), evaluated financing options under various stimulus and loan packages, and handled multiple issues arising from government orders.

Safety is Everyone’s Job: Understanding OSHA Liability On Jobsites with Multiple Contractors

Ask an Attorney By: Michael Metz-Topodas & Jonathan Landesman, Cohen Seglias Pallas Greenhall & Furman PC All too often, construction professionals ask about responsibility for jobsite safety violations under the Occupational Safety and Health Act when a project has multiple contractors working together. Whether it’s a private project with a general contractor and several subcontractors […]

Typical Growing Pains that Contractors (of All Sizes) Experience

Ask an Attorney By: Jeffrey C. Bright, Esq., Saxton & Stump, LLC From experience representing many contractors and subcontractors, we have noticed certain patterns when construction businesses grow and run into typical “growing pains.” These tend to arise at certain points, and with proper planning, the transition can be less painful. Growth Beyond Yourself The […]

Certified Payroll Shortcuts May Be An Invitation for Prosecution

Ask an Attorney By: Thomas O. Williams, Esquire, Reager & Adler, P.C. Contractors working on prevailing wage projects know that the law requires them to complete and submit certified payroll forms indicating the hours each workman worked within each trade classification. What many contractors do not know is just exactly how to classify each hour […]

But We Did Everything Right! Challenging OSHA Citations with the Unpreventable Employee Misconduct Defense

By: Michael Metz-Topodas, Jonathan Landesman, and Christopher W. Sexton, Cohen Seglias Pallas Greenhall & Furman PC Despite the construction industry’s few areas of certainty, contractors can invariably count on facing an OSHA compliance inspection at some point. These visits are meant to ensure everyone on-site is following OSHA’s many and detailed construction-related standards and regulations. […]

The Potential Cost of Retaliation in the Workplace (Or, How to Make a Bad Situation Worse)

By: Thomas R. Davies, ESQ., Partner, Harmon & Davies, P.C. In 2018, retaliation was the cause for more than half (51.6%) of all charges filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, making retaliation the most common basis for individual filings against employers. Similarly, employees’ claims of retaliation under the Occupational Safety and Hazard Act (OSHA) […]

Change Orders, Change Directives, and Differing Site Conditions

By: Jeffrey C. Bright, Esq., Saxton & Stump, LLC Most project managers know that when the work, cost or schedule is modified, a change order should document the event. But confusion often arises as to what type of notice and documentation should be used in these scenarios. The answer: it depends. The circumstances for each […]

Ask an Attorney: Healthcare Facilities Require Specialized Construction Considerations

By: Ronald H. Pollock. Esq., Saxton & Stump, LLC Are there any special considerations that must be taken into account when approaching a construction project located at a hospital, healthcare, or longterm/nursing care facility? Yes, due to the unique nature of healthcare facilities, construction projects require specialized and careful handling. There are a number of […]