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Construction Wars – A Middle School Career Exploration Event

Inspiring the Next Generation of Craft Professionals

ABC Keystone Invites Area Students and Educators to Participate in Construction Wars!
Offered Every Spring and Fall – Open to All Area Middle School Students

Workforce Development is a top priority for ABC Keystone, and the Chapter offers tours of our facility in Manheim, PA and career discovery events throughout the year.

Over the course of three days each Spring and Fall, 200 area middle school students from our 11-county footprint attend Construction Wars, an interactive career exploration event, to experience hands-on activities with the help of construction professionals. During this Construction Wars event, students have the educational opportunity to see our training facility, work with tools, understand safety requirements, and learn more about the skilled trades while building wood laptop stands, testing electrical circuits, bending sheet metal to make their own tool boxes, and more. This is an opportunity for students and educators to discover what the construction industry needs in its future workforce and how a career in skilled trades is a viable, well-paying alternative to college. Email to learn more!

Hands-on Career Exploration!

Hear from the Attendees:

Volunteer at the Event!

Each year, ABC Keystone members generously volunteer their time to support this event. Inspire the next generation! Contact to sign up.

Inspiring the Future of the Industry – Preschool through Elementary

HOH Construction Co.

To give young children a hands-on, developmentally appropriate experience with building, and spark to early interest in the trades, Hands-on House has begun the planning and development of a new exhibit slated to open in early 2020.

ABC Keystone will be the main sponsor for the exhibit, titled HOH Construction Co.  Through this exhibit, children and their families will learn through play about the many career opportunities available in the industry and the skills that these jobs require.

HOH Construction Co. will feature a job site structure as a centerpiece and integrate four unique trade exhibits — Mason, Electrician, Plumber, and Carpenter. These stations will incorporate hands-on activities directly related to each trade, creatively and safely demonstrating skills such as pulling wire, laying brick, affixing pipe or finishing trim.  Children will learn math, science and problem-solving skills, and hopefully, become inspired by this work along the way.


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