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ABC Pennsylvania’s government affairs team has been working hard advocating on behalf of the commercial construction industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed the timelines and tactics around our efforts. Despite the crisis, our members have been active and made a difference. But we have much work to do. The current two-year session is winding down. The start of the 2021-22 session will begin with new leadership teams in both the House and Senate, along with a large freshman class due to retirements. Starting early after the election, we will need to reach out to those newly elected members to build relationships, educate them on our issues, and work toward a common goal. While we do not know the fate of our specific legislative priorities, we do know we had an impact since this crisis began.

Speaking of impact, ABC Keystone has been holding a series of virtual calls with regional legislators to raise money for our political action committees. To date, we held three very successful calls with regional legislators in Cumberland, Adams, Dauphin, and Berks counties. ABC Keystone members had opportunities to engage lawmakers and ask questions about current events and our advocacy efforts. Our series continues in August with calls featuring leaders from the York and Lancaster delegations. More information can be found on our calendar of events here. Now more than ever we need to support candidates that defend free markets and free enterprise. Your donations will help that cause!

As we reflect on where we are today, my challenge to all ABC members is to enhance the “loudness” of our voice when it comes time to advance legislation important to our industry. It does make a difference.

Thank you for your membership.  Stay safe, stay informed, and stay engaged.  

Posted July 20, 2020