Welding at ABC Keystone

This week marks the beginning of an exciting addition to ABC Keystone’s extensive training offerings. On Monday, July 17, the welding program fired up with the first D1.1 Structural Welding class. This week’s class began with an introduction to safety requirements and instruction regarding the process of gauging gasses and obtaining a neutral flame.


There is a significant need for welding training in the area, and ABC Keystone is filling that need. Members have reached out to us through survey responses, phone calls and emails seeking welding training and certification for their employees. In response, ABC Keystone now offers both ASME Pipe Welding Certification and D1.1 Structural Welding Certification at the Chapter training facility.

The training is offered through “block time” programs that will train welders efficiently and get them out on the job quickly, along with specific certification programs that are in demand by the industry. A well-equipped six booth welding lab is set up in the training center to accommodate the program. Pipe Welding, which will also be available, will be a four-week block program totaling 180 hours, of which 80% of that time will be spent on hands-on training.

In addition to the training and certification program, the Chapter also offers a certification-only option. This option will allow you to send your employees to ABC Keystone for assessment and training as needed to obtain their certification, and Keystone is currently working with a third party independent Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) for this purpose.

This NEW program from ABC Keystone allows you to access high-quality welding training for your employees in a convenient location. Take advantage of a shorter time-frame through the block program schedule which will allow your employees to return to the job quickly with high levels skills and certification.

Contact Dave Sload, Interim President, at the Chapter office for more information.