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In the COVID-19-era, businesses are welcoming customers back into stores in accordance with state and federal guidelines. In the construction industry, jobsites have been operating since May under strict protocols and guidance. As the country navigates these uncharted waters, business owners are concerned about liability in the event a customer or employee contracts COVID-19. 

ABC Pennsylvania has joined a coalition of over 50 organizations advocating for limited liability protections. In these uncertain times, we believe that businesses deserve a level of protection from costly lawsuits if they adhere to the rules, guidelines, and protocols as set forth by government officials. To be clear, if a business is grossly negligent or intentionally risks the health and safety of customers or employees, then those entities should not be shielded from legal recourse.

In Washington, D.C., business liability protection was a part of the next stimulus package negotiation, but those broader talks have broken down for the time being. Given the political landscape in our nation’s capital, many states have passed legislation providing legal protections. In Pennsylvania, conversations are underway, and legislation has been introduced. We are hopeful progress can be made in the fall. ABC Pennsylvania will be engaged and “at the table.”

Please be on the lookout for opportunities to contact your elected officials, as there are many influential organizations pushing back against this concept. If you are not signed-up to receive email alerts, please download the “ABC Action App” from the app store on your mobile device, or at

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Posted August 17, 2020