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Another primary election has come and gone. Turnout this year was typical of most odd-numbered year elections, with between 20-25% of eligible voters casting ballots. Generally, there were more challenges on the Democratic ticket, as incumbent Democrats lost to candidates farther to the Left. Regarding special elections for open state House and Senate seats, the results went as expected with no flips.

The results are in:

Statewide Judicial Elections:
For the Supreme Court, Republican Kevin Brobson, a Commonwealth Court judge from Dauphin County, will face Democrat Maria McLaughlin, a Superior Court judge from Philadelphia.

For the Superior Court, Republican Megan Sullivan, a prosecutor from Chester County, will face Democrat Timika Lane, a Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas judge.

For the Commonwealth Court, Republicans Stacy Wallace, an attorney from McKean County, and Drew Crompton, a Commonwealth Court judge from Cumberland County, will face Democrats David Spurgeon, an Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas judge and Lori Dumas, a Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas judge.

Notable Local Races:
Incumbent Harrisburg mayor Eric Papenfuse (D) lost to Harrisburg City Council president Wanda Williams. Pittsburgh City elected its first African American mayor, with Ed Gainey, a state representative, beating incumbent mayor Bill Peduto (D).

Special Elections:
Republicans Abby Major and Leslie Baum Rossi were successful in their special election bids for open state House seats in the west. Chris Gebhard (R) won the open senate seat in Lebanon County, and state Rep. Marty Flynn (D) won the race for an open senate seat in Luzerne County.

Ballot Questions:
All the ballot questions prevailed, including the constitutional amendments that would restrict the governor’s emergency powers.

The general election takes place on November 2, 2021. In addition to the candidates above, voters will be electing local officials and judges. Local elections are important and impact your day-to-day business! Equally important are the statewide judicial races, as judges decide cases that have a wide-ranging impact on political, economic, and social issues.

Please do your due diligence in researching the candidates. Learn their positions on issues. Reach out and ask questions. VOTE!

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Posted May 24, 2021