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By: Kevin Keith, Director of Safety Services, ABC Keystone

The ANSI A92 Standards for Mobile Elevating Work Platforms has been delayed until March 1, 2020. As previously discussed, the updates will address design, terminology and training requirements. The main impact will be the training requirement for supervisors of the operators of the equipment. All supervisors who direct persons that operate the equipment will be responsible for proper selection of the equipment and performing a workplace inspection prior to initiating the work tasks.

What does this mean? Well, prior to starting the project, the supervisor would be responsible for doing an assessment of the potential work tasks and then appropriately selecting the right equipment for the job. For example, at no time should an operator or occupant of a scissor lift climb the guardrails, but all too often this occurs. Why? In most cases this is done because the lift is too short to reach that last couple of feet. The supervisor who assesses the workplace and makes the proper selection of the equipment will help to eliminate this type of hazard. There are many other examples of the importance of having an actively engaged field management team in order to ensure safe operations of the equipment. In order to show proof of this type of assessment, it would be beneficial to document it.

Operators of the equipment must also complete a workplace inspection and provide training. Prior to operating the equipment, the operator is to perform a workplace assessment. This has always been the case, but to have both the operator and the supervisor completing the assessments, it would be beneficial to have them compare their findings.

This is a great opportunity to have the information gathered to be shared between the two parties in the form of a safety huddle. Discuss the findings, come up with the safe means to complete the task, and then follow through on the plan by actively implementing it in completing the work tasks. This will encourage a team approach to safety and if done correctly, get all parties actively engaged in the safety process. Ultimately, the goal is to improve safe equipment usage and provide better safety communication on the jobsite.

If you have questions related to the upcoming changes or need your operators/supervisors to be trained, ABC Keystone offers training and guidance to assist your company. Go to and look at the upcoming course offerings. If you don’t see a course that you are looking for, contact Kevin Keith, Director of Safety Services (, to discuss a customized training for your company.

December 3, 2019