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Whether you’ve joined ABC Keystone for skilled trade apprenticeship training and education, for safety services, to support the merit shop philosophy and free enterprise – maybe all of the above and more – there is a fundamental value in all of this: The business development connections forged with your fellow ABC Keystone members.

Engaging with ABC’s membership pays dividends many times over, and a sometimes-overlooked, no-cost avenue is through committee involvement. Keystone’s eight standing committees address all of ABC’s functional areas, and there truly is a committee for everyone.

Many of ABC’s most satisfied members utilize committee involvement to increase their impressions (one-on-one conversations) with ABC members. It’s a proven strategy that is standing up to the challenges presented by COVID-19. “Our Membership Committee attendance has even increased this year due in part to the new virtual accessibility. Committee meetings remain a critical and robust monthly connection that we, as members, can count on,” says Guy Kingree, Warfel Construction Company.

Our Members Say It Best!

Hear from three member companies that are making dozens of impressions with their fellow members each year – at no additional cost – by being a part of ABC committees!

Quality Buildings, LLC
Contractor Member since 2016 with five team members engaged on ABC committees; 60 impressions per year
Since Quality Buildings has been involved with ABC Keystone, we have experienced 150% growth as a company. Our committee interaction has been invaluable in building relationships within the industry and in understanding how we, as a company, might be able to contribute. As a subcontractor, having a member of our company on the Safety Committee has helped us stay on the same page regarding safety challenges that our general contractor customers are experiencing. My recommendation is to ‘get Involved.’ If you are strictly a paying member, the payoff is minimal, but, if you are an active member, the payoff can be far more than the dollars invested in membership.”

– Elmer Zook, President

Miller Brothers Staffing Solutions LLC
Supplier Member since 2013 with three team members engaged on ABC committees; 36 impressions per year
Committee involvement has been integral to our business development – it truly keeps us in front of our fellow members. These meetings provide for a monthly conversational exchange with our clients – ABC members. We have the opportunity to hear their issues, and it keeps us ahead of the curve by being able to anticipate and meet their needs. Serving on ABC committees also allows us to give back to the association that protects our livelihood.”

– Linden Levey, Account Executive

Engle-Hambright & Davies, Inc.
Associate Member since 1967 with three team members engaged on ABC committees; 36 impressions per year
Involvement in committees demonstrates EHD’s commitment to commercial construction and ABC’s contractor membership. We hear first-hand about developing construction issues monthly from our committee conversations. I encourage our young staff members to enroll on committees – it expands their horizons and helps with leadership development. These meetings are a valuable, monthly networking opportunity for us.”

– Dave Oblender, Vice President

Maximize Your Membership Value in 2021!

The Strategy:

  • Enroll one (two, three or more) of your team members on an ABC committee. Committee membership is open to all!
  • Dedicate one hour of your time per month.

The Immediate Results:

  • Gain twelve impressions annually for each employee enrolled in an ABC committee, putting you in monthly conversations with fellow ABC Members.
  • Exponentially increase these impressions by enrolling two, three, or more committee members.
  • Become an integral part of carrying out ABC policies as an in-the-know member.
All Committee Kick Off ABC Keystone
2020 All Committee Kick-off at ABC Keystone

Your opportunity for engagement awaits you in 2021,
and we look forward to seeing you!

See the committee descriptions here and sign up today!

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Posted December 3, 2020