An interview with Drew McLaughlin, Chief Operating Officer, American Micro Industries, Inc.

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American Micro Industries was founded in 1995 by Michael E. Lehman, a Naval Veteran and Electrical Engineer. We currently have a Custom Components Division specializing in electrical insulation and machined non-metals. The Soundproof Cow Division specializes in acoustics and soundproofing needs, and they manufacture acoustic panels and supply a wide variety of soundproofing materials to meet commercial, industrial, and residential needs. American Micro Industries is dedicated to providing the finest quality products, and we offer a continued and unwavering commitment to customer service and customer satisfaction while promoting business practices that respect the Earth and environment.

American Micro Industries is now headed by President and CEO Julie Fitchet after Michael E. Lehman passed in 2018. We are a proud member of the local community and continue to expand, and strive to expand, business across both the United States and international markets. We are a Web based company with headquarters in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, and our team strives to provide unique and educated solutions to meet customers’ various needs.

What’s an interesting fact about your business most people don’t know?

The name Soundproof Cow was born out of a necessity to brand our acoustics division and create awareness across the Industry that the concept of acoustics and acoustic solutions can be simplistic much like the cow. We are also proud of our local community, and cows are a large part of our region and local economy.

How many years have you been with your company, and how did you get involved in the industry?

I have been with our company for nine years, and I was involved in Sales and Financial services with an interest in sound and soundproofing solutions. I was blessed with an opportunity to start in Sales in our Acoustic Division and grew into product development as the company evolved and expanded.

Why did you choose to invest in Membership with ABC Keystone?

Our company is looking to create a larger local presence and provide our management team and staff with the training and networking opportunities that ABC Keystone provides.

February 6, 2020