Tell Us About You and Your Company!
Conexus was formed in July 2005 through the purchase of an existing building automation system contractor. Since 2005, Conexus has grown an average of 7% per year and to 33 total team members. Leveraging open protocol technologies, Conexus migrated from a traditional building controls contractor to a smart building technology system integrator, leveraging technology to transform our client’s environments to optimize the comfort, safety and efficiency of their facilities. In order to meet our client’s critical service needs, most customers are within a two-hour radius of our office in Middletown, PA, but some relationships do take us to western PA, Virginia and southern Maryland as well.

Conexus is different from other competitors because of three unique goals: a commitment to using the US Army Corps of Engineers commissioning procedures on every project, a cloud-based control/monitoring solution, and a commitment to open protocols. Although generally system manufacturer agnostic, Conexus uses Distech Controls on the majority of our work. Thriving on challenging solutions, Conexus serves customers in healthcare, K-12, higher education, industrial, corporate, and Federal/State government agencies.

How did you get involved in the industry?
After two stints in general contracting over 17 years, I (Kurt) quit my full-time job as VP of a regional construction manager and searched full-time to find a company to purchase. It’s an interesting story full of connections, a little bit of mystery, and some good luck as to how I came to form Conexus. I was always intrigued by controls when I visited our construction jobsites, so when the opportunity came along to combine my 17 years of experience running a construction management firm with a fascinating and high-growth segment of the industry, I had to jump at the opportunity to buy an existing controls contractor and form Conexus.

Kurt Twiford
Kurt A. Twiford, President/CEO
(717) 222-4150

How many years have you been with your company?
I purchased an existing firm to form Conexus in 2005. In July of 2022, Conexus celebrated 17 years in business. Kyle Gable, our Director of Sales/Technical Solutions actually has more than 25 years with Conexus, because we rolled over his tenure from the predecessor company. Seth Mills, our Director of Operations, has been with Conexus for 14 years.

Did You Know?
As far as we know, we are the only open-shop building automation system integrator in the region with our own in-house electrician/install crews.

Seth Mills, Director of Operations
(717) 222-4162

Kyle Gable, Director of Sales/Technical Solutions
(717) 222-4159



Posted August 11, 2022