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Just after World War II, Whitley Manufacturing Co., Inc. was founded in South Whitley, Indiana, by F. R. Bratton to provide homes for returning veterans. Over the years, the company moved from housing to office manufacturing and was purchased by Williams Mobile Offices in 1971. Under the leadership of Barry Gossett, Williams moved from being a small regional organization to one of the national powerhouses in the modular business.

Then, in the early 1990s, Williams executive Simon Dragan purchased the flagship factory and reiterated the commitment to quality manufacturing and superlative customer service and was recognized as an industry leader in quality and innovation.

In 1999, Whitley was able to purchase the respected Evergreen Mobile Company near Seattle, and in 2001, the company opened another production facility near Rochester, Indiana. The most recent addition in 2014, Whitley East, LLC is located outside of Lancaster, PA in the town of Leola. The four plants provide true coast-to-coast service.

Whitley East, LLC delivers quality custom modular buildings for residential (dormitories), industrial, commercial, retail and educational use. We back each building with an industry-leading warranty and provide superior customer service. We pride ourselves on manufacturing each building properly, accurately, and on time.

Did You Know?
We not only manufacture commercial modular buildings, but can provide Off-Site Construction projects as well using local sub-trades.

Donald F. Engle, Jr., General Manager/
Director of Quality Assurance
Whitley East, LLC
64 Hess Rd,
Leola, Pennsylvania 17540 | (717) 587-5252

Donald has been in the Modular Building Industry for 48 years and has been with Whitley East, LLC for one year. He started his career as a draftsman for a large international modular company located in Baltimore, MD.


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Posted November 2, 2021