A Message from the ABC Keystone Chair of the Board


As my year as Chair of the ABC Keystone Board draws to a close, I am filled with gratitude for our President-CEO Dave Sload, the entire ABC Keystone staff, and of course, our tremendous volunteers that give so selflessly to make our various events a reality. Likewise, I wish to extend a heartfelt thanks to my fellow Board members and the many Committees and Chairs whom I’ve had the pleasure of leading and serving this past year. Most of all, it was my honor and delight to serve the entire membership of over 530 companies in 2021.

This was a great year of growth for our Keystone Chapter, as we attained our stretch goal for new members and surpassed our total membership numbers of 2019. Another celebration point is ABC Keystone’s fantastic retention rate (or renewal rate). The year 2021 came in at 92.8% retention, which is the best renewal rate since 1987!

Despite COVID-19, supply chain issues, and serious inflation, these stats are a real testimony that our members recognize the value of ABC membership. As we often realize during a crisis, we need to make the choice to be united to be successful, because the battles we fight are much bigger than any single one of our companies. During ABC National Board meetings, we were struck anew with the stark reality of the need to fight together on a national level, especially with “unconstitutional” vaccine mandates now placing us in a courtroom battle to preserve our freedoms. Thank you, all, for your support and unity as we fight together!

OK, ABC family – one more time before I sign off for the year as your Chair – let me encourage you to break out your “It” factor! Right now, “It” is our battle to win as we stand together – OR, “It” is our battle to lose if we are divided! I know the strength and tenacity of our ABC team, and I know we will be victorious; however, “It” will not be easy. We all need to stand together with our “It” factor, strong and confident.

On a personal note, we are fast approaching the most wonderful time of the year! How delightful to be able to celebrate our individual holiday traditions with family and friends in a nation that is founded on freedom. My sincere wish is that we all are energized to draw away from our various struggles and find peaceful, happy times together.

As for me and my family, we will be enjoying Christmas in our favorite tradition of celebrating the Birth of Jesus and connecting with family near and far around scrumptious food and fun-filled festivities. We also take great pleasure in giving gifts that delight our loved ones, decorating the house inside and out, and going to church on Christmas eve to sing “Silent Night” while we enjoy the wonderful ambience of candlelight.

May you and your family celebrate the season with your own heart-warming traditions, and may it be a wonderful, memorable time together.

Let me finish this year by stating again my thanks and appreciation to our ABC National team, our ABC PA team, and our local ABC Keystone team – you are the best! What an honor it has been to serve together. May next year, and each year after, be one of exponential personal and professional growth and success!

Thank you for a great year and Happy Holidays!

Cleo Weaver
2021 Chair of the Board
ABC Keystone
Triangle Refrigeration Co.
(717) 656-2711

Thank you to Cleo Weaver for his
dedicated service as Chair during 2021!

Posted December 2, 2021