A Message from the ABC Keystone Chair of the Board


Every September, the ABC Keystone Board of Directors hosts an annual strategic planning meeting where board members, committee chairs, and other chapter leaders come together to review and evaluate the current strategic initiatives and tweak them for the upcoming year. Every three years this process takes a deeper dive to determine if a new direction needs to be considered.

2020 is the third year of our current plan which includes:

1. Increase the Political Influence
Right to Work and Apprenticeship Ratio are top priorities as we work with legislators and decision makers to promote the free enterprise philosophy.

2. Continue to Grow and Deliver Value
Obtain 90% retention and increase engagement of members through pre-determined metrics of participation in events and programs.

3. Increase Non-Dues Revenue Stream
Develop new course offerings and maintain 50/50 split between non-dues and dues income.

4. Develop an Endowment Fund
Explore methods and purpose of an endowment. Identify key partners and process.

5. Be the Leading Force in Workforce Development and Training
Increase partnerships to 28 schools and develop new relationships with two new CTC programs.

6. Establish ABC Keystone as Premier Institute to Provide Accessible Training
Identify members’ safety service needs and increase membership growth by at least one member.

7. Chairman’s Challenge
Increase STEP participation to 30% of contractor members. Achieve increased PAC participation.

The above goals can be achieved only through the collaboration and dedication of our members, staff and leadership teams all focused on moving the ball forward. It is truly amazing to me that our team has been able to get traction in all these areas even with COVID-19 taking a front seat for at least four of the first six months of the year! On September 16, Cleo Weaver, Keystone Chair Elect, will queue up participants for a two-day reset and refocus on ABC Keystone’s future. Then, off we will go to conquer new challenges together!

On August 13, we celebrated our apprenticeship graduation, and now we look ahead to the return of our apprentices. September brings a new class of first year apprentices, with students anxious to make their mark on the world as they begin their career in construction. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, the construction industry continues to move ahead with a shortage of skilled workers.

This year’s freshman class is one of the largest ever at ABC Keystone, which to me is an indication that our Construction Wars program and other messaging are having an impact. Now is the time to train for the future of our industry. If you are a growing company with training needs, visit the ABC Keystone website or give us a call to learn more about valuable courses and programs being offered.

One last note about the ABC STEP program. Thank you to those companies who have “STEPped” up to join the program and enter a world-class process to a safer workplace. Whether you already have a solid safety program or are just getting started, consider adding STEP to help ensure more workers come home to their families each day. It is free, and ABC Keystone can walk you through the application process as needed. DO IT TODAY!

Be Healthy and Safe,
Roger Brubaker
2020 Chair of the Board
Director of Construction Services
Meadow Valley Electric, Inc.
(717) 397-9600

Posted September 3, 2020