A Message from the ABC Keystone Chair of the Board


As the blossoms and beauty of May abound all around us, it is a great time to reflect on the value of our membership in ABC. Let me begin by thanking many of you for attending my Inauguration on April 16, at the Marriott, in downtown Lancaster. It was great to see so many of you in person, at what hopefully will be the first and only Inaugural delayed by a pandemic. It was an unusual Inaugural for sure, one without “swearing in,” of the board, as that was done virtually and on schedule in January. Again, thank you to everyone for your support!

In this month’s article, I want to unabashedly brag about the value of membership in ABC and what it means for your company and the people on your team. Being an active member truly pays off and is an investment – not a cost – for your company! Your company is one of 511 members in the Keystone Chapter and one of 1369 members in the state of Pennsylvania. Nationally, there are about 21,000 total members in ABC.

Our company, Triangle Refrigeration Co., joined in 1976, and the past 45 years have seen many changes in both organizations. Membership has been a true net value for us and for our people who have served on committees and events or attended trainings and seminars. ABC gets an abundance of credit for its role in the growth and value of our company over these last 45 years.

In talking to other companies about ABC, I find many that say the affinity programs alone pay for their dues. The tangible values of networking, training, apprenticeship, government advocacy through ABC PA, social events and so on, show that ABC has something for everyone! The intangible values of like-minded association involvement and strength in numbers are the icing on the cake. Please go to the ABC website, abckeystone.org, and review all the possibilities.

We, as a board, know that members who are involved and reaping the benefits of membership renew annually very quickly – a testament to the value they place on being part of ABC. All our members are very much appreciated, and I fully understand there are many reasons you have chosen to join ABC. Whatever brought you to membership, do not let its value and benefits lay on the cutting room floor – do your company a favor and get more of your team involved. Take full advantage of that investment in membership and watch your company and your people thrive!

As we have weathered 2020, and are emerging from this pandemic, we are humbled to note that ABC’s renewal rate for 2021 is at a fifteen-year high. New memberships will move us into growth mode for the first time in years. That is certainly something to celebrate! The board is constantly looking for new and improved ways to add value for our members, and we believe we are accomplishing our goal to continually ramp up benefits to our valuable members. We certainly appreciate the many ways you communicate your ideas and wishes to our great staff and leadership.

Now, as I close, I leave you with this ‘benediction:’

May you be able to find supplies and equipment at great prices, with availability you can work with, and may your companies continue to expand and thrive in this season of growth!

Have a productive and profitable month!

Cleo Weaver
2021 Chair of the Board
ABC Keystone
Triangle Refrigeration Co.
(717) 656-2711

Posted May 4, 2021