Laws of Leadership – Part of the Leadership Development Series

Leadership is a learned skill that requires practice. You can learn about effective leadership skills and practices, but being able to implement them yourself may require an altogether different set of skills and attitudes. Gain the knowledge you need to become the leader you were meant to be!

Leadership & Motivation – Part of the Superintendent Training Program (STP)

Sold Out! | January 28, February 11 & 25, 2021 | Effective Supervision to Lead and Motivate Your Team | Learn the comprehensive role of construction supervisor. Develop skills to lead your team more effectively. Motivate others through positive feedback and other techniques. Coach your team up into a cohesive unit; all on the same page. Practice leadership skills through real-life scenario role playing and discussions. Al six units needed for certification; Units do not need to be taken in order. | Class frequently sells out! All six units needed for STP certification. Units do not need to be taken in order.