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By: David G. Greineder, IOM, ABC Keystone, Director of Government Affairs

ABC PA’s mission is to be a unified voice that preserves, protects, and defends the ideals of free enterprise and the merit shop philosophy. Last week, the leadership team that makes up ABC Pennsylvania (ABC PA) held a legislative summit to discuss, outline, and plan a course of action for 2020. It was also an opportunity to renew the spirit and focus of ABC PA, so we can be an effective and influential force this year.

At the local level, the ABC Western chapter filed a lawsuit against Westmoreland County for implementing a countywide project labor agreement (PLA) ordinance. This is a policy that goes directly against our core principle of free enterprise. Fortunately, the recent election brought changes to the board of commissioners, so we will educate the newly elected officials about how PLA’s shut out the merit shop from fair and open competition. Our colleagues at the ABC Eastern chapter have ramped up the “ground game” in Philadelphia City Hall to promote the good work of ABC in the community and educate councilmembers about our impact in and around the City. The ABC Keystone chapter continues to weigh-in on issues affecting our members by sending letters to the Department of Labor & Industry seeking clarification on how investigators are enforcing various labor laws. Collectively, all ABC PA chapters are celebrating the tremendous effort packing the room at the House hearing on apprenticeship last December.

Statewide, our “big picture” goals revolve around creating a unified and common message; building relationships with elected officials at all levels of government; building alliances with like-minded organizations on issues of commonality; being a resource in the construction industry; and recruiting advocates for appointments to governmental committees and boards.

On the legislative-front, we will continue to influence and track legislation on the journeyperson-to-apprentice ratios, indemnification, the Separations Act, and proposals to tax Marcellus Shale. We will continue to submit comments and lead the discussion on rules and regulations that impact the construction industry. We will also branch out into broader issues, such as opportunities to provide training resources for individuals in the criminal justice system so they have access to good-paying and family-sustaining jobs when they re-enter the community.

At the federal level, ABC is united is OPPOSING the so-called “Protecting the Right to Organize” Act. This is pro-union legislation that would wreak havoc on the nation’s workforce, threaten small businesses, and blatantly violate workers’ rights and privacy. Tell your federal elected officials to oppose this dangerous legislation by clicking here.

But the best is yet to come. Be engaged, be informed, and be involved. It is only through your action and your participation in the process that we can be difference-makers. A great way to stay informed is by signing up to receive ABC’s Action Alerts by downloading the “ABC Action App” from the app store on your mobile device, or at

January 30, 2020