By: G. David Sload, ABC President-CEO

It was September 1981, and a bright young lady entered the offices of the ABC Keystone Chapter to begin what would become a storied career. Cindy Field began as the receptionist, and as I like to call it, the gate keeper of the front desk. Though she would go through many career evolutions, I still consider her the Keeper of Keystone.

Throughout the last 38 years, Cindy has held virtually every position at ABC Keystone. Those of you that have been around for a while will remember contacting her for membership, or you may have received a membership visit from her. She does have quite a few stories from those. If you had apprentices, at one time or another she probably interacted with you. When it comes to events, she has planned and worked every event imaginable. Some, I know, she would probably prefer to forget.

Cynthia M. Field
Vice President
ABC Keystone

I can’t fathom the number of members she has interacted with over the last 38 years. It has to be thousands. The amazing thing is that she remembers members that have come and gone as well as those that still are active. She has worked with many generations from individual companies – seeing young children growing into Presidents of these companies. She has developed relationships that will endure the test of time.

In addition to her service to our external client, the member, she has equally been a model and mentor for four decades of staff. She rose to the top of her game on an early morning in the summer of 1999, when she would be called into action to fill the shoes of our Executive Director, Dick Honabach, due to his unexpected passing. She made it clear that she was not the number one person, but would fill the role on an interim time frame until a new ED could be found and hired. I was the incoming Chair at the time, and I can tell you she made sure there was no drop in member service or cancelling of any events. The way in which she dealt with the loss of her boss and one of her mentors, and at the same time kept the ship directed, speaks to her dedication and character.

Cindy has worked for five different Executive Directors/Presidents-CEOs. Having seen her work with all five, including myself, I would say she has been the right arm, historian, and some times, the trainer of all of us. Being a stickler for detail and timing, she has made each one of us look good. If you look up the definition of “Servant Leader,” you will find a picture of Cindy Field.

Thirty-eight years of institutional knowledge cannot be replaced and will be missed. But more than the missing the knowledge Cindy provides, Cindy, herself, will be missed. She has been a great part of the “IT” factor here at ABC Keystone.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Cindy has decided to retire at the end of September. Join me in congratulating her on a stellar career here at ABC Keystone. We have designated Friday, September 27, as “Cindy Field Day” at the Keystone Office, and we will be hosting a drop-in party from noon – 4pm at the Chapter for members to greet Cindy and give her their best wishes. Please stop by and celebrate her!

Cindy, congratulations on your retirement. You have made everyone you interacted with a better person, and the Keystone Chapter is in a great place, thanks to your commitment and dedication to the merit shop mission. We send you out with our very best wishes, and you will be missed greatly.

Join us! Drop-in Retirement Party for Cindy Field
Friday, September 27 / Noon – 4 pm / ABC Keystone
Reservations requested but not required: