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By: Brent Sailhamer, Director of Government Affairs

The Senate Republican caucus, which makes up 34 members of the 50-member body, is at a highwater mark, holding a veto-proof majority. On Wednesday, however, that number got a little smaller as one of the caucus’s most outspoken members announced his intention to step down.

Late Wednesday, Sen. Scott Wagner, who has represented the 28th Senate district in York since 2014, submitted his letter of resignation to Senate President Pro Temp Joe Scarnati, announcing that Monday, June 4th would be his last day on the job.  Instead, Wagner intends to devote his time to his campaign for Governor against incumbent Tom Wolf.

While the drop in numbers likely won’t affect the still overwhelming majority that Senate Republicans enjoy, it signals that the race for Governor is intensifying early. Both Wagner and Wolf can provide millions in self-funding for their campaigns, allowing for a marathon campaign season. Early campaign finance reports showed Wolf with a healthy lead, however, showing $15 million on hand compared to Wagner, who left the primary election bruised with less than $3 million on hand.

The Pennsylvania Constitution allows Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack to call a special election for the vacant Senate seat, however no decision has been made to date.

May 31, 2018