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By: Brent Sailhamer, Director of Government Affairs

With less than a week to go until Pennsylvania’s May 15 primary election, candidates are working hard to get their message out to voters across the Commonwealth. ABC has always encouraged bipartisan support of candidates, regardless of party affiliation, who support free enterprise and the merit shop. Every legislative session, ABC tracks votes on issues and legislation that are crucial to our mission – bills that aim to reduce government regulation, encourage a more level playing field, and reduce the financial burden on businesses by cutting taxes.

As you head to the polls next week, here’s a helpful reminder of how your elected officials have voted on ABC issues in the past year:

Adams County:

  • Rep. Dan Moul (R) – B
  • Rep. Will Tallman (R) – not seeking re-election*

Berks County:

  • Rep. Jim Cox (R) – D
  • Rep. Barry Jozwiak (R) – D
  • Rep. David Maloney Sr. (R) – B
  • Rep. Mark Gillen (R) – D
  • Rep. Thomas Caltagirone (D) – F
  • Rep. Mark Rozzi (D) – F

Cumberland County:

  • Sen. John Eichelberger (R) – not seeking re-election*
    • ABC has endorsed Rep. Judy Ward for the 30th state Senate district
  • Rep. Stephen Bloom (R) – not seeking re-election*
    • ABC has endorsed Barb Gleim for the 199th state House district
  • Rep. Sheryl Delozier (R) – B  
  • Rep. Greg Rothman (R) – A+

Dauphin County:

  • Rep. Thomas Mehaffie (R) – F
  • Rep. Susan Helm (R) – D
  • Rep. Patty Kim (D) – F
  • Rep. Ron Marsico (R) – not seeking re-election*

Franklin County:

  • Rep. Paul Schemel (R) – A+
  • Rep. Rob Kauffman (R) – B

Lancaster County:

  • Sen. Ryan Aument (R) – A+
  • Rep. David Zimmerman (R) – D
  • Rep. Bryan Cutler (R) – D
  • Rep. Mindy Fee (R) – D
  • Rep. David Hickernell (R) – D
  • Rep. Brett Miller (R) – B
  • Rep. Keith Greiner (R) – B
  • Rep. P. Mike Sturla (D) – F
  • Rep. Steve Mentzer (R) – D

Lebanon County:

  • Sen. Mike Folmer (R) – B
  • Rep. Russ Diamond (R) – A+
  • Rep. Francis Ryan (R) – A+

Perry County:

  • Rep. Mark Keller (R) – B

Schuylkill County:

  • Rep. Mike Tobash (R) – A+
  • Rep. Jerry Knowles (R) – A+
  • Rep. Neal Goodman (D) – F

York County:

  • Sen. Scott Wagner (R) – not seeking re-election*
    • ABC has endorsed Rep. Kristin Phillips-Hill for the 28th state Senate district
  • Rep. Dawn Keefer (R) – A+
  • Rep. Stan Saylor (R) – D
  • Rep. Kate Klunk (R) – B
  • Rep. Keith Gillespie (R) – B
  • Rep. Kristin Hill (R) – not seeking re-election*
  • Rep. Seth Grove (R) – B
  • Rep. Carol Hill-Evans (R) – F

May 9, 2018