YP Spotlight ABC Keystone

Meet Brian!

Brian Tribbitt
Financial Advisor
Stonebridge Financial Group
ABC Keystone YP Committee Member

As a Young Professional, how has your involvement with ABC Keystone helped you?
As a transitioning military member coming back home, ABC has provided me with an extensive network to get involved with local young professionals. ABC has been a great source of networking events and connections to local businesses. I am looking forward to continuing my participation and growing with ABC Keystone and the community in Central PA.

What is your favorite quote?
Although a bit longer than your typical quote, the “Man in the Arena” speech from Theodore Roosevelt is one of the most inspirational. It is a great reminder that effort matters and to be careful of your critique of those who are getting things done. I think it also very appropriate for ABC Keystone given the nature of the tough work in which the members are involved.

What words of advice do you have for your fellow YPs?
Put your yourself out there. Try new things. Make yourself uncomfortable. Without pushing your limits, you will never truly understand what you are made of and what you can accomplish.

Share your suggested reads for YPs:
If you want some true insights of how we, as humans, make decisions and the unconscious bias we have, read Think Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. This is a fascinating look at how our brains work to process information.

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Posted April 15, 2021