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By: David G. Greineder, IOM, ABC Pennsylvania Director of Government Affairs

What Are You Thinking About?

The Pennsylvania primary election is finally over. After the state budget is completed in June – which is expected to pass with little fanfare – we will enter the summer slog to election day. When the legislature returns in September, session days will be light, and campaign activities will be heavy.

As we all witnessed, the hype in the primary centered around the Republican nomination for governor. As the polls indicated, Sen. Doug Mastriano handily won the Republican nomination with just under 600,000 votes, or 44%. Sen. Mastriano will face-off against Josh Shapiro, who was unopposed for the Democratic nomination and received over 1.1 million votes.

Now that the election is over, ABC Pennsylvania leadership will meet in early June to discuss the election results and map out where we want to focus our political resources. There is no doubt this election will have an impact on our advocacy work. The 2022 General Election will bring about many changes, including a new governor, at least 54 new legislators, new committee chairs, and new leadership. Our public policy agenda and goals will differ based on the results of those elections.

To help guide ABC Pennsylvania, we are seeking your comments and opinions on our public policy goals. What do you think we should advocate for if Doug Mastriano were to win? What do you think we should advocate for, prepare for, or do should Josh Shapiro win?

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Posted May 24, 2022