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By: David G. Greineder, IOM, ABC Pennsylvania Director of Government Affairs

In even-numbered years, April is traditionally a busy time for political campaigns. Candidates are raising money, talking with stakeholders, and knocking on doors. This year is no different, especially in a year where there are literally dozens of candidates running for office. ABC of Pennsylvania is committed to providing information to Chapters on the candidates running for office so you and your employees can be informed voters.

First, some basic information: To vote in Pennsylvania, eligible voters must register with the Department of State. Registration must be completed at least 15 days before the election, which is May 2. First time voters must show proof of identification at their polling location. If a registered voter moved, had a name change, or wishes to change party affiliation, their registration needs to be updated with the new information, which can be done online. Also, Pennsylvania is a “closed primary” state, which means if a voter is not affiliated with a political party, they cannot vote in the primary, but they can vote on referendums if they appear on the ballot.

Polls are open on May 17 from 7 am to 8 pm for voters that prefer to vote in-person. If a voter prefers to vote by mail, please carefully read the information on the Department of State’s website. All mail-in ballots must be RECEIVED by the voter’s local board of election by 8 p.m. on May 17.

Information on where and how to register can be found at the Department of State’s website at:

Now, onto the candidates running for statewide office:

Democrat (5):

  1. John Fetterman (Allegheny County)
  2. Malcolm Kenyatta (Philadelphia County)
  3. Alexandria Khalil (Montgomery County)
  4. Conor Lamb (Allegheny County)

Republicans (7):

  1. Kathy Barnette (Montgomery County)
  2. Jeff Bartos (Montgomery County)
  3. George Bochetto (Philadelphia County)
  4. Sean Gale (Montgomery County)
  5. David McCormick (Allegheny County)
  6. Dr. Mehmet Oz (Montgomery County)
  7. Carla Sands (Cumberland County)

Democrat (1):

  1. Josh Shapiro (Montgomery County)

Republicans (9):

  1. Lou Barletta (Luzerne County)
  2. Jake Corman (Centre County)
  3. Joe Gale (Montgomery County)
  4. Charlie Gerow (Cumberland County)
  5. Melissa Hart (Allegheny County)
  6. Doug Mastriano (Franklin County)
  7. Bill McSwain (Chester County)
  8. David White (Delaware County)
  9. Dr. Nche Zama (Lackawanna County)

(12 TOTAL)
Democrats (3):

  1. Austin Davis (Allegheny County)
  2. Brian Sims (Philadelphia County)
  3. Ray Sosa (Montgomery County)

Republicans (9):

  1. John Brown (Northampton County)
  2. Jeff Coleman (Cumberland County)
  3. Teddy Daniels (Wayne County)
  4. Carrie Lewis Delrosso (Allegheny County)
  5. Russ Diamond (Lebanon County)
  6. Chris Frye, Jr. (Lawrence County)
  7. James Jones (Montgomery County)
  8. Rick Saccone (Allegheny County)
  9. Clarice Schillinger (Montgomery County)

Candidates running for state House and Senate seats have filed their petitions to get on the ballot. We know that there will be a lot of changes next year, as 36 legislators announced they are either retiring or seeking higher office. ABC of Pennsylvania will keep a running list of the candidates and winners of the primary election.

The election will have an impact on Pennsylvania’s future – including how the commonwealth responds to critical workforce needs. That is why ABC Pennsylvania believes it is important to support candidates who are committed to defending free enterprise and the merit shop philosophy.

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Posted April 13, 2022