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By Kevin B. Keith, Director of Safety Services, ABC Keystone

Changes are coming to the ANSI A92 Standard, which is the standard for aerial lifts, and it includes more than just a name change. ANSI A92 Standards address the design and usage of Aerial Work Platforms (AWPs) and when the new standards are finally released, AWPs will be renamed as MEWPs (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms). The equipment, maintenance, supervision, and operator training will all undergo changes that have not been updated since 2006. The final release date and implementation of the new standards is uncertain. These changes and the final release have been discussed since 2017, and the current delay is due to clarifications being provided as part of the open comments period.

Here is a high-level overview of these changes:

Not only will the equipment be renamed, but there will be a separation of equipment groups and types designed to better identify and classify the different machines. There will be two groups: Group A will include vehicles that the center of the work platform will always remain within the perimeter of the chassis (i.e., scissor lifts); and Group B will include vehicles that the center of the work platform can be positioned beyond the chassis (i.e., boom lifts). Within the groupings will be specific types: Type 1 can travel only in the stowed position and must be moved manually; Type 2 are controlled from the chassis and can be driven while elevated; and Type 3 have controls on the work platform and can also be driven while elevated. These changes work to align the ANSI standards with the global terminology as it relates to the equipment. Training will also be changed and will include training of the maintenance personnel, supervisors, operators and occupants of the MEWPs. Training changes will require the employer to complete the necessary updates to the training within 12 months of the final release of the new standard. Each operator will need to have proof of familiarization training, which is required for the different makes and models of MEWPs. Additionally, there will be equipment upgrades that will impact the operation of the equipment, such as the load sensor which will shut down the operation of the equipment in the event of an overload.

Without the final ANSI Standard being released, companies that have employees that operate MEWPs are left in limbo. If you have questions related to the upcoming changes or need your operators to be trained, ABC Keystone offers training and guidance to assist your company. Go to and look at the upcoming course offerings. If you don’t see a course that you are looking for, please contact Kevin Keith, Director of Safety Services, to discuss a customized training for your company.

October 4, 2018