By: Matthew Linder, Fuel Sales Representative, H.B. McClure Company, and ABC Keystone YP Committee Member

As a homeowner, you have a tough task. Everyone wants a home of their dreams. That means, in addition to designing an imaginative and practical floor plan, you must choose an energy source that is comfortable and efficient. It also must add to the value and style to the home, and be environmentally friendly.

Propane offers everything today’s homeowner wants. It heats the home to a consistent warmth; dries laundry more efficiently; cooks food quickly to exact temperatures; puts a cozy fire in the fireplace; heats the water for a relaxing bubble bath; and fuels the backyard barbecue – and it does it all at a lower cost than many other fuels. You can also save money converting or building with propane – up to $1500.

If you choose the right company, they can offer you many options. They can offer options for a homeowner to purchase a tank or offer a leased tank to reduce upfront costs. Propane companies can offer delivery options such as  monitoring the tank to make sure the homeowner is in constant supply, or the homeownder can call when they need a delivery. They can offer budget plans to give the homeowner a consistent payment over the whole year to fit into their budget. Lastly, the right company is giving back and donating to your local community to improve the community for everyone.