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Eight+ Ways ABC PA is Advocating for YOU!

By: David G. Greineder, IOM, ABC Pennsylvania Director of Government Affairs

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Despite the turmoil and political strife around the world, it is refreshing that we can still take time to pause and give thanks for what we have as a nation. I continue to believe there is no better place to live, raise a family, and pursue happiness than the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the United States of America.

As we head back to work and carry on in that twilight period after Thanksgiving and before Christmas, I thought it appropriate to preview some of the accomplishments from this year. Through the hard work of our government affairs team, chapter leadership, and grassroots advocates, we:

  1. Issued letters to the congressional delegation expressing our opposition to the federal “Protecting the Right to Organize” Act. ABC National used our letter as a template for other ABC chapters.
  2. Issued a first-ever report on Pennsylvania’s apprenticeship system. ABC National used our report as a best practice/sample for other ABC chapters to model.
  3. Held our first in-person ‘Free Enterprise Day’ since the pandemic.
  4. Presented testimony to various committees on issues of importance.
  5. Were regularly invited to provide comment on legislative proposals.
  6. Partnered with like-minded associations to support industry-friendly bills and oppose bills that would negatively impact the industry.
  7. Through the leadership of the ABC Eastern Pennsylvania chapter, successfully defended against a “responsible contractor ordinance” in the City of Bethlehem.
  8. Hosted members of the House Labor & Industry Committee to have spirited conversations on apprenticeship ratios.
  9. And so much more! ….

Along with our successful advocacy program, this was the inaugural year of ABC of Pennsylvania as a formal statewide entity recognized by ABC National. In that regard, our newly installed board did a tremendous job making sure the association is financially secure and has robust decision-making processes in place for the long-term. In November, the Nominating Committee met to make recommendations on a slate of officers for 2022. The recommend slate is as follows:

  • Recommendation for Chair: Matt Pincus | Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter
  • Recommendation for Vice Chair: Paul Tomczuk | Central Pennsylvania Chapter
  • Recommendation for Secretary: Jim Stephens | Keystone Chapter
  • Recommendation for Treasurer: Tom Kittredge | Western Pennsylvania Chapter

Along with the new officers, each chapter will have a member coming off the board in 2021, and a member coming on the board for 2022. The names of the new board members will be announced in December.

Continuing the tradition started last year, I will be putting together a full annual report of our legislative accomplishments, along with a one-pager executive summary. Please be on the lookout for that.

As we approach 2022, I look forward to working with ABC’s leaders, chapters, and members to advance and defend the principles of the merit shop. We have much more to do!

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Posted November 30, 2021