By: Bryce Lefever, Ph.D., True Edge Performance Solutions

Mental Fitness is based on a philosophy of responsibility, which is a basic human truth. Responsibility is the power to act based upon free-will. We own our choices and own the consequences. We can choose well or poorly. In every act of cruelty and every act of kindness we see the truth and the power of our ability to choose. The quality of our lives consists, from birth to death, of the choices we make. We are powerful over each one. Understanding our responsibility is part of truth seeking. Actively acknowledging our responsibility is part of honesty. Responsibility for everything we choose is part of truth and is the foundation of good character. Lying about responsibility is blaming and leads to profound feelings of victimization, to unhappiness and to failure.  To be healthy, to get along with others, to have good character, we must consistently take responsibility for our actions and discontinue blame in any and every form.

Leaders understand responsibility.  Leaders understand the importance of the ownership idea—that happy and healthy employees seek teamwork and mission success (to the point where they are willing to step outside their typical roles). By embracing responsibility, we unleash the power to succeed.

Mental Fitness is a comprehensive set of skills that can be trained and practiced to increase leadership at all levels while morale and productivity also increase. These skills include:

  • Understanding the power of choice and responsibility.
  • Seeking truth and becoming deeply honest.
  • Establishing and maintaining good boundaries which leads to self-respect and respect for others.
  • Working on issues of teamwork, self-worth, and our place in the lives of others.
  • Communication skills (which includes handling upsets and negotiating for what we want).
  • Living a committed life.  Finding a purpose and gaining fulfillment from the mission.

With these skills, we can become better leaders, employees, colleagues and human beings. I believe this is what we strive for.

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