A Message from the ABC Keystone Chair of the Board


It’s time for a bit of reflection. As I look back at my career of over fifty years, it brings me great satisfaction to visualize the journey. If you are like me, I trust that you likewise can look at the history of your career and say, “It was good!”

I’ve heard it said, “Look forward to live and look back to learn!” Just like driving a vehicle, most of your attention needs to be looking forward through the windshield, combined with a small amount of time looking in the rearview mirror. Every one of us has made a mistake at some point in our lives or careers, and we definitely need to look back to learn from it. But if we get fixated on the past – in the rearview mirror – we will surely crash our future! Whether you are early in your race, or nearing the finish line, setting goals and planning for progression sets the tone for victory!

Recently, I met with ABC Keystone’s Young Professionals Committee to discuss their vision and future goals. I found it very energizing to sit around the table listening to discussion focused on how ABC can serve their needs for education, apprenticeship, training, and encouragement. I was impressed as they shared ideas for moving forward and also serving the needs of future generations while embracing the latest technologies and adapting to the shifting challenges of tomorrow’s trade and business professionals.

This September, we welcome a new class of apprentices with their own future careers and goals in front of them. ABC is dedicated to supporting everyone’s success in their chosen field as look forward to build tomorrow’s leaders. You can assist in this vision by helping these apprentices achieve their goals. Ask yourself this question, what can I do to pass on my knowledge or my treasure of a ‘career well lived’ to the next generation? The answers will be as individual as each of us, and the value to those who follow us will be immeasurable.

…ABC is dedicated to supporting everyone’s success in their chosen field.”

Later this month, ABC Keystone has an opportunity to look forward and set the entire Chapter’s strategic goals for the next three years. This responsibility is one we do not take lightly, and it is one we anticipate with great excitement. We are running the equivalent of a competitive relay race in the construction industry, and looking forward to pass the baton is a critical skill that we all need to master, whether it is for ABC or for our individual businesses. Whether a sole proprietorship, a mid-size business or a large national business, every business needs to plan for transition and future success.

So, let’s all focus on looking forward and passing the baton in every aspect of ABC – to the next generation, the next board member and the next committee member. Join us for Strategic Planning in September to share your vision for the future of the association. Every one of us has different talents and skills, but I believe we all share the desire to make the future a better place for those that follow us.

Remember, look forward to live, look back to learn, and may we all make the best of the opportunities each day brings us. I am trusting you can, or will someday, look back on each phase of your career and say, “It was good!”

Cleo Weaver
2021 Chair of the Board
ABC Keystone
Triangle Refrigeration Co.
(717) 656-2711

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Wednesday, September 15, 2021
Breakfast 7:00 am; Session 7:30 am – 4:00 pm

& Thursday, September 16, 2021
Breakfast 7:00 am; Session 7:30 am – 3:00 pm

at ABC Keystone, Manheim

Posted September 3, 2021