Message from the President-CEO

ABC Keystone Message from the President

Many times, I refer to ABC Keystone as the members’ association. The fact is that ABC Keystone is not only the members’ association, but it is a member-driven association. This was very evident by the participation in our recent strategic planning session. I want to thank the more than 50 members and staff who gave up a day and a half to review and update our 2022-2024 strategic plan.

Message from the President-CEO

ABC Keystone President Message

As we enter September, we usually think about finally reaching the home stretch for the year. However, here at ABC Keystone we start planning for the start of the new year ahead. Like most businesses, we have to think about the budget, but that is only one component. For our association, September becomes focused on strategic planning and making sure we elect our new Board members for 2023.

ABC Keystone’s Strategic Planning

9/14 & 9/15 | January 2023 is the second year of the Chapter’s three-year Strategic plan, and we invite you to share your insights with your fellow ABC members to review the current plan and create goals for the future. We need you and your ideas! Your input, advice and opinions as a Chapter leader will be instrumental as we set priorities and develop new initiatives for the ABC Keystone Chapter.

Message from the President-CEO:
Into the Future

President Message October 2021

Over the past few months, I have asked the question “What’s Next,” when it comes to the storied history and forward thinking of the Keystone Chapter. The answers to that question are beginning to come into focus. On September 15 and 16, 48 people met here at the Chapter office to begin work on the 2022-2024 Strategic Plan. I want to thank all these passionate members for helping formulate the future.

Message from the Chair:
Look Forward to Live, Look Back to Learn

A Message from the ABC Keystone Chair of the Board

It’s time for a bit of reflection. As I look back at my career of over fifty years, it brings me great satisfaction to visualize the journey. If you are like me, I trust that you likewise can look at the history of your career and say, “It was good!”

I’ve heard it said, “Look forward to live and look back to learn!” Just like driving a vehicle, most of your attention needs to be looking forward through the windshield, combined with a small amount of time looking in the rearview mirror. Every one of us has made a mistake at some point in our lives or careers, and we definitely need to look back to learn from it. But if we get fixated on the past – in the rearview mirror – we will surely crash our future! Whether you are early in your race, or nearing the finish line, setting goals and planning for progression sets the tone for victory!

Message from the President-CEO:
Where Are We Going Next?

President Message August 2021

Our facilitated strategic planning will take place on September 15 and 16 at the Chapter facility. These sessions will include all board members, committee chairs, staff and any members who would like to participate. Yes, we want you, the members of your Chapter, to be part of developing the big “What’s Next” for ABC Keystone. We only ask two things: be present for the entirety of the sessions and come with ideas and an open mind.

ABC Keystone’s Strategic Planning

9/14 & 9/15, 2022 | With facilitator: Monica Glowinski, ABC National | No cost to attend! We need YOUR voice! You are invited to attend! Guide the Chapter into 2023 and beyond!January 2023 is the second year of the Chapter’s three-year plan, and we invite you to attend the Strategic Planning Sessions to provide your leadership and direction! Your input, advice and opinions as a Chapter member will be instrumental as we set priorities and develop new initiatives for the association.Gain an inside look at Chapter operations! What to expect: ABC National’s Monica Glowinsky and Keystone Chapter leadership will guide breakout sessions centered on the goals of the Chapter’s strategic plan; Members, Chapter leadership and staff will engage in discussion to set goals ensuring ROI for members and the betterment of the construction industry.

How Time Flies During a Pandemic!

ABC Keystone President Message July 2021

It is hard to believe that we are already halfway through 2021, and we are beginning to think about 2022. During the last 16 months, things felt like they would never get back to normal, yet the time flew by quite quickly. So, how have the first six months of 2021 turned out, and what is in store moving forward for ABC Keystone?

Message from the President-CEO: Where We’ve Been…Where We’re Going

ABC Keystone President Message January 2021

It is hard to believe that 2020 is over. In some ways, it seemed like a long year, in other ways it went very fast. We started the past year extremely strong. Operating in the third year of a very robust strategic plan, ABC Keystone was on its way to breaking attendance records for events and training, and more companies than ever were involved in the Chapter’s apprenticeship program. Read more…

Message from the President-CEO: Why We Do What We Do

ABC Keystone Message from the President

Seven and a half months ago, the COVID-19 pandemic began, and those dreaded words came down from Governor Tom Wolf: “All nonessential
businesses must close.” As we came to find out, construction was determined to be nonessential. Through many emails and phone calls, we
were able to get some projects open if they were life-sustaining. I am still not sure a real definition has been issued for ‘life-sustaining.’ However, in their wisdom, the State felt they could define it through a waiver process, and we all know how that worked. Read more…

Message from the President-CEO: Plotting the Next Chapter

ABC Keystone Message from the President

As we enter the home stretch of 2020, we near the conclusion of a three-year strategic plan that brought us to where we are today. We have had success in working on our goals in the arena of government affairs, workforce development and growing and delivering value to our members in education, safety and other services.