ABC Keystone Message from the President


As we enter the home stretch of 2020, we near the conclusion of a three-year strategic plan that brought us to where we are today. We have had success in working on our goals in the arena of government affairs, workforce development and growing and delivering value to our members in education, safety and other services.

The beginning of 2020 looked like we were going to shatter some of our remaining goals. Enter March 19, and the infamous COVID-19. We, as a Chapter, made a quick decision and pivoted from education and events to providing timely information and support. While some of our then remaining strategic goals would be impossible to meet, there were new avenues we ventured down that provided extreme member engagement.

So how does what we have been through the last seven months prepare us for a new three-year strategic plan? On September 17, your Board of Directors, staff, and committee chairs met to create the next three-year strategic plan, or as I like to say, the next chapter in the life of ABC Keystone. This meeting started with a brief review of the previous three-year plan and what had been accomplished from that plan and what had not.

Our facilitator put us through a stakeholder engagement exercise to help ABC Keystone develop direction for 2021 through 2023. While we still have work to do before the plan is finalized and shared with the membership, a lot of great information, thoughts and discussion were held to get us set with a framework in which to move forward.

One thing was very clear during this meeting. As a result of COVID-19, this plan will not look like most three-year plans. Based on our discussions with members during our all-member calls this summer, it is clear 2021 will be a year of providing information and services to help keep our members engaged. Any major changes and large goals will wait until 2022 and 2023. I want to thank the Board, staff, and committees for the part they played in creating this new plan.

Keep your eyes open for the completed plan in the next couple of months. Together we will persevere and write the next great chapter of ABC Keystone’s history!

Posted 10/6/20