Message from the President-CEO: ABC is in the House

ABC Keystone President Message 12.27.22

It has been just a little over two years since Governor Wolf determined that construction was unessential, and the entire industry was shut down in PA. Shortly after, the ABC National Convention was cancelled. This annual event that focuses on the accomplishments of chapters and members would have to wait. 2021 would see a smaller version of the Convention with limited attendance and no National Craft Competition.

Message from the President-CEO: BACK TO THE FUTURE!

ABC Keystone President Message 12.27.22

As we watch today’s headlines unfold before our eyes, we begin to wonder, “Haven’t we been here before?” I have said many times that we can’t live in the past, but we need to learn from the past. Based on the current state of affairs all around this country, I’m not sure our politicians have learned anything from the past.

Message from the President-CEO: Initiative…Workforce Development!

ABC Keystone President Message 12.27.22

One of the main focuses of ABC Keystone’s new three-year strategic plan is the continued expansion of our workforce development efforts. But first, we need to understand what ‘Workforce Development’ means. When I ask members for a definition, most say “getting people interested in our industry and then getting them employed.” Correct! However, that is just the first half of the concept. The second half is taking those that are already in the industry and continuing to develop them and grow their careers so we can retain them.

Message from the President-CEO: Welcome to 2022!

ABC Keystone President Message 12.27.22

It’s hard to believe that another year has passed, and we are already embarking on a new year. Every new year brings changes, challenges, and opportunities. The way we as a Chapter and our members respond to these issues has made ABC Keystone a high-performing and well-respected chapter.

Message from the President-CEO: On the Home Stretch and Into the Future!

ABC Keystone President Message 12.27.22

As we entered 2021, we at ABC Keystone had no idea what to expect. Would we be able to have in-person education and training? Would we be able to host in-person events so our members could network and share information? Would our members be able to run their businesses as they saw fit? 2021 had to be the most uncertain year we would encounter.

Message from the President-CEO: <br>A Time to Celebrate!

President Message 11.17.21

As we leave October and move into November, we have many things within our industry that we are celebrating. This past October was designated as Careers in Construction Month, and that was certainly something to celebrate. We continue to thank and honor you, the great individuals that make your career in construction. Without you, our country grinds to a halt. Without you, there is no need for trade associations like ABC.

Message from the President-CEO: <br>Into the Future

President Message October 2021

Over the past few months, I have asked the question “What’s Next,” when it comes to the storied history and forward thinking of the Keystone Chapter. The answers to that question are beginning to come into focus. On September 15 and 16, 48 people met here at the Chapter office to begin work on the 2022-2024 Strategic Plan. I want to thank all these passionate members for helping formulate the future.

Message from the President-CEO: <br>Make Your Vote Count!

ABC Keystone President Message September 2021

Right now, when you hear “Make your vote count,” it brings up painful memories of election night November 2020. Let me start by telling you that is NOT what I am here to talk about. It is that time of year when your Board of Directors puts forth a slate of candidates to run for open Board seats. For many years, individuals were nominated and put on a ballot mailed to members to provide an opportunity for them to officially vote for their Board of Directors.

Message from the President-CEO: <br>Where Are We Going Next?

President Message August 2021

Our facilitated strategic planning will take place on September 15 and 16 at the Chapter facility. These sessions will include all board members, committee chairs, staff and any members who would like to participate. Yes, we want you, the members of your Chapter, to be part of developing the big “What’s Next” for ABC Keystone. We only ask two things: be present for the entirety of the sessions and come with ideas and an open mind.

How Time Flies During a Pandemic!

ABC Keystone President Message July 2021

It is hard to believe that we are already halfway through 2021, and we are beginning to think about 2022. During the last 16 months, things felt like they would never get back to normal, yet the time flew by quite quickly. So, how have the first six months of 2021 turned out, and what is in store moving forward for ABC Keystone?

Message from the President-CEO: Prevailing Wage Jobs? Contractors, Beware!

Prevailing wage work has been around since the Sixties. In Pennsylvania, a majority of the work on PA prevailing wage jobs is constructed by Merit Shop Contractors. As with any government funded project, contractors need to be aware of the risks, the rules and all the requirements placed on the job by the contracting agency.

Message from the President-CEO: Elections Have Consequences. You Better Buckle Up!

Message from the President CEO ABC Keystone March 2021

I know, after every election, we hate to hear the phrase ”Elections have Consequences.” Well, the next phrase I’m going to share is just as relevant, and if you have been around ABC very long, you may also get tired of this phrase over the next few years. “Get into politics or get out of business.” For today, I want to focus on politics at the Federal level, because, from a political perspective, it is at this level your business is the most vulnerable. Read more…