Message from the President CEO ABC Keystone March 2021

By: G. David Sload, President-CEO, ABC Keystone

You hear us say that Associated Builders and Contractors is a member-driven association. From the programs we run, the events we hold, and the education we perform, it all happens with the input and support of our members. Keystone is a high-performing chapter because of the dedication of the staff and the members.

We are blessed to have over 260 individuals from member firms participate on our committees and our Board of Directors. It starts with the dedicated committee members. Some of them will be able to chair a committee or task force. Some will even run for a seat on the Board of Directors. Keystone truly is a place to grow both personally and professionally.

Why do we share this information? It is the time of year when the Nominating Committee solicits individuals from member firms to run for a seat on the Board of Directors. There will be six seats available for the class of 2024. The committee will seek passionate individuals to help take Keystone to the next level. Some of the work a board member performs is as follows.
• Attend All Board Meetings (one per month) 100% of all Directors attend 90% of Board meetings.
• Attend Chapter Events (mixers, outings, etc.) 100% of all Directors attend at least 50% of the minor events and 75% of the major events.
• Make a Financial Contribution to legislative entities, National PAC, PA PAC, FEA, or AADF
(Directors: $500 minimum; Officers: $1000 minimum).
• Attend a Directors’ Orientation Session
• Assist with Membership Retention telephone calls by calling the non-renewed members with whom
you have a relationship and members on your “constituency” list.
• Connect with Your Assigned “Constituency” List
about ABC activities and noteworthy accomplishments during the year. Lists include 25 members and, all materials will be drafted for your communications. At a minimum, the goal is to target the non or low-engaged members
• Attend the Inaugural Dinner to be sworn into office.
• Actively Encourage Members of Your Team and others in your company, to get involved with ABC Keystone.
• Recruit New ABC Members. We have a great sales team ready to help you! Each Director will be asked to commit to a number of members they can recruit for the year. The minimum commitment is two new members.
• Act as a Committee Liaison, if necessary as assigned by the Chair of the Board.
• Relay Concerns, Questions, etc. between ABC and
our member firms
• Help Develop the Strategic Plan and monitor its execution while providing oversight of the annual budget.
• Other Activities as requested by the Chair of the Board.

Keystone’s historical success has been because of the dedicated board members that have volunteered since 1959. Do you want to grow in your leadership? Do you want to drive the future of the Keystone Chapter? If that answer is yes, please get in touch with me and secure an application to be submitted to the Nominating Committee. We need you, the members, to guide us to the future.

G. David Sload
G. David Sload
ABC Keystone President-CEO

Posted May 9, 2023