Message from the President CEO ABC Keystone March 2021

By: G. David Sload, President-CEO, ABC Keystone

This phrase was coined by an early ABC Freedom Fighter to help members understand the value of being engaged in order to protect your business. As ABC’s history has evolved, at times we believe we are making progress. As a result, we tend to let off the gas and become complacent. If you are not aware you and your businesses are under attack.

From national to state and even down to the local levels, government wants to run your business and tell you what is for the best for you and your employees. We at ABC are here to watch, listen and react. However, we need you, the members, to help. In essence all ABC members are Freedom Fighters and together we are an army to keep government honest.

At the national level we are dealing with PLAs, an NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) agency that wants to wind the clock back decades and a multitude of executive orders that are designed to cripple your business. Here in Pennsylvania, we are quickly seeing several pieces of proposed legislation around independent contractors, employee misclassification, and indemnification just to mention a few. To top it off the PA House is looking at a constitutional amendment revolving around unions rights to organize.

Clearly ABC supports an individual’s right to join or not join a union. In fact, the NLRB has been more than capable of overseeing elections and any employees claims. House bill 950 is nothing more than a solution to a problem that does not exist. But then again all we hear a lot of our political leaders talk about are good union jobs. I guess the 87.3% of workers that choose not to be represented by a union don’t have good jobs.

How can you help?

  1. Get engaged with your legislator. Let them know where you stand on issues that are important to your business.
  2. Download the ABC Action App. This tool allows you to communicate with your national and state legislators when asked to by ABC. When you are called to action on the app it takes less than two minutes to respond.
  3. Be vigilant. If you here or see something that causes you to question, reach out to us at the ABC office at (717) 653-1806.

ABC will lead the charge, but we need you. If you want your business to survive and grow, you need to get engaged in politics. Yes, it can seem dirty, but you need to “Get Into Politics or Get Out of Business!”

G. David Sload
G. David Sload
ABC Keystone President-CEO

Posted May 9, 2023