Message from the President-CEO ABC Keystone

64 Years and Going Strong

By: G. David Sload, President-CEO, ABC Keystone

Yes, another year has passed and so we enter the 64th year of the Keystone Chapter’s existence. In the same way we look to our storied past for inspiration, we look to the future for opportunity and growth. 2023 will be no different than any other year. It will provide us and our members with many challenges, but with challenges come opportunities.

Challenges Ahead
With Covid regulations all but behind us what will be the major challenges that we face in 2023? The mid-term elections were not necessarily kind to our organization. As we closed out 2022 we already saw a Project Labor Agreement dropped on a State project. Two new Responsible Contractor Ordinances have been dropped in our backyard. These tactics are employed by the other side to prevent you from bidding or using your employees on publicly funded projects. These agencies don’t object to taking your hard-earned tax dollars. They just want to dictate who can earn those dollars. Yes, the Keystone Chapter will continue to fight these tactics via communication and legal means where possible.

Keystone’s Three-Year Strategic Plan
The great news is despite the challenges we have many opportunities. As we enter the second year of our three-year strategic plan we will continue to work on our four main objectives:
• Increase Political Influence
• Continuously Grow & Deliver Value to Members
• Safety & Total Human Health
• Be the Leading Force in Workforce Development

The Staff, Board, and Committees have put strategies and tactics in place and set metrics to help deliver on these objectives. The Chapter will continue to inform you, the members, of our shared progress along with opportunities to help you grow your business survive in these times.

Thanks for being part of our Chapters success and thanks so much for helping to make the past year so memorable. Join me and the ABC Keystone staff in anticipating what we will accomplish together in the year to come.

G. David Sload
G. David Sload
ABC Keystone President-CEO

Posted Jan. 19, 2023