A Message from the ABC Keystone Chair of the Board


“Hey, You, Wake Up!”

Imagine waking up in bed, disorientated, wondering “What time is it?” The answer reverberates in your mind – “It’s 2021!” A bit confused, you rub your sleepy eyes and mumble, “So what?”

Then, in clear authoritative tones, you hear, “What are you going to do with the rest of your life?”

So many need a solid answer to that question! Everyone needs a career or a purpose to get up in the morning. In today’s fantasy world of TV, video games, 24-hour news, and Hollywood’s imaginary world, purpose seems like a dream. Drones, electric cars, computers, and many other things make reality seem far away! Well, let’s get back to reality, not ‘Reality TV’ (which is really far from reality). Let’s instead get hitched up to actual reality and chart our journey and our destination.

I want to challenge all to write down your vision. Without vision, people will perish or, perhaps, float aimlessly downstream with the current. It takes a live fish with a vision to go upstream (even dead fish go downstream). I have known far too many people that realized much too late that they never charted nor realized a vision for their work life. All they ended up with was a job, not a career. That would be a sad awakening for anyone in their later years.

How well I recall fond memories of working on a project all day and then taking the time to savor the joy of my day’s accomplishment, allowing a moment to say to myself, “that is nice work!” Even the Creator of our universe took stock at the end of each day and said, “It is good!” It is my hope that each manager, leader, and entrepreneur will find time and resources to develop the careers of our next generation.

Speaking of resources, you are looking at one of the best! Career development starts early in life (as in a visit as a youth to the Hands-on-House, Children’s Museum of Lancaster) by discovering interests and natural abilities and later developing them through education into a truly satisfying career. As in any experience, be willing to evaluate honestly to see if the initial path you have chosen is bringing you energy or draining your tank. Don’t be afraid to change course to find the satisfaction you need, recognizing that quitting is not an option, but change is.

As your Chair, I would like to call out your “It factor” and encourage you to use this opportunity of changing political and economic climate to transform our industry for the better. Get and stay involved politically, and make it a point to communicate with your congressmen and congresswomen – they really need to hear from you! Remember, if they don’t hear from you, someone with not-so-great ideas will get their ear, and the outcome will not be good for our industry. So, stay involved politically and let your politicians know what “It” is that we need.

We all just weathered a tough year together, and though ABC is stronger because of it, we can’t let up on our engagement and recruitment – you are needed! Thank you for being and staying involved, because we all know that an engaged member is a member who benefits highly from their investment. Keep promoting the value of ABC Membership!

Likewise, a loud and enthusiastic shout out goes to our ABC Keystone staff and leadership! You are so tremendously effective in what you do. We could not do “It” without you!

Cleo Weaver
2021 Chair of the Board
ABC Keystone
Triangle Refrigeration Co.
(717) 656-2711

Posted April 1, 2021